Richard Ramsey Digital Painting Webinar September 2010-resources

Ramsey Digital Painting Webinar Resources

Here is the download for the webinar. As we used Go To Webinar for this recording the sound quality is again disappointing. We will be staying with Adobe Acrobat until we find something that is an improvement.

The video stream is here: Currently not working-the download is fine though.

Download the Video Below

If you save the file to your hard drive and then open it and watch it from there it will work fine. So computer/browser combination may have a difficult time if you try to open it from the link. It should save as a zip file then you can open it.

Download The Webinar Video File here

For some reason I have had a really fought time with this file. If you are on a MAC you will need to use a player to view the file. You can try either of these free players with great results.


VLC Player for MAC


  1. Avril Young says:

    did download the video, but nothing comes up, just a blank screen…black in quick time..

    thanks Avril

  2. Avril Young says:

    thank you downloaded the VLC player and the new webinar…it works

    thanks again.


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