Photoshop Video Tutorial: Making a Signature Brush

Here is a fun photoshop Video tutorial on how to make a signature brush.

There are a number of different ways to use this brush. As you will see in the tut, I used type. You could just as easily use your stylus and sign your name, then turn that into a brush so you have a consistent signature for your digital art creations with just one click. Let me know how you use this and what you think.

Signature Brush tutorial



  1. Hi Tim,
    I haven’t done this before, so, when I hit the submit button
    do I get the Tutorial Video to watch, or download, or do I get a
    web address?

    Thank you for your help and information!

    • Hi CG,

      When you hit submit/ or in this case click on the link it will take open a page and bring up a quick-time video and begin to play.

  2. Michelle Haldenby says:

    Creating signatures

  3. Nice tutorial. I was wondering if we as participants on this blog can submit tutorials. I am in Art and digital school and have some nice tutorials to share

    • Hi Dorothy-we love to post high quality tuts. You can send them to Tim here at the mag and we can take a peek. We are always looking for magazine content as well.

  4. Hello,

    Simple and to the point. There\’s a couple questions I have. What about the size? When I think of a signature, I think of a small one. So is this signature vector or bitmap? Since it\’s in Photoshop, I assume it\’s bitmap. I guess reducing it isn\’t an issue if you start by making it large first, but vector would always be sharper.

    • Hi Mark,

      The size of the brush can be changes with the transform function is PS. Cntrl>T. I use my signature and change it to whatever size is appropriate for the prints. I sign originals and limited editions by hand and use the brush for open or unlimited editions.

  5. Can you sign on a piece of paper, take a picture of it and make it a brush? Instead of scan it…? I did that but when I go to Edit, the option “Define Brush Preset” is not a option Photoshop allow me to use…I tried JPG, TIFF and PNG but still won’t work… Why? is scanning it the only way to make your own hand written signature a brush? Please help. Thanks! :0)

    • Hi Maria-

      Sure you can take a pic of your signature. I dont know why you dont have define brush preset as an option, mine gives me the option when I Right click so perhaps you have something turned off or missing in the presets area, that is all I can think of. Sorry.

  6. Benedict says:

    Thanks a lot Tim,the video is really helpful especially for a beginner like me.

  7. I am an electronic engineer innovator n lover for nature.i started painting digitally since yr 2000 without any training or experience as if some natural force guided me By yr 2003 i created 1200
    paintings but never to sell i lost my PC
    and financially broke i hope your web magazine will help me someway
    thank a lot
    Dr.Leemax Shroff

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Tim, thanks for sharing this. I have been thinking about how I was going to “watermark” my artwork and Voila!!! Great tutorial!!!! Thanks.

  9. Alan Casey says:

    Thanks Tim, for a great tutorial, I will certainly try this out on my digital art.


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