Photoshop Painting: John Derry’s CS5 Dry Media Brush Set

Photoshop Painting at it’s best, CS5 Dry Media Brush Set from John Derry

I am a few days behind the curve but John has released a new brush set for CS5. If you have been struggling with a decent chalk/pastel emulation then this brush set is for you.

CS5 offers some awesome new features for the digital painting geek in all of us. John is one of the leaders in development and education for the new version of Photoshop, we are fortunate John is into painting.

I said it is a brush set but it is really much more than that. Included in the price is 80 minutes of video tuts in the typical John Derry entertaining and Zany style,  Dry Media Tool Presets files (one for the barrel-rotation sensing Wacom 6D/Art Pen and one for the standard Wacom Grip Pen), a cloning layer action, a few pastel color range swatch libraries and the Dry Media papers Pattern Library. A smokin deal for under twenty bucks.

Here is a video that I snagged from Youtube.

So anyway check out the vid, check out Johns blog then trot over to and grab the brushes and video training. Even if you have not tried any photoshop painting yet with CS5 you can risk $20.

cheers, -tim

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