Photo to Art Paint Like the Old Masters with Odwin Rensen

Photo to Art Paint Like the Old Masters with Odwin Rensen

If you are looking for information on converting Photo to Art, this is one webinar that you should not miss. We had an AWESOME webinar with Odwin Rensen. People have been waiting for a long time for Odwin to share his digital painting techniques. We were not disappointed.

Odwin shared for over two and a half hours and held nothing back. He showed us his precise workflow and developed the image below as we watched and asked questions.

Photo to Art, Paint Like the Old Masters

Photo to art, or digital painting from photo reference has been on the rise for the last two years. It has virtually exploded. A ton of new art software has been released and more is on the way.  In this webinar Odwin utilizes Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop to create the images above.

The other resources that Odwin put together for you took him some time. He produced at nice PDF that answers all of the questions that came up in the chat box. He also outlined the brushes used as well as providing the full PSD file so you can see what he was doing in each step while he was in Photoshop.

Thanks Odwin for giving the readers of Digital Paint Magazine and our classmates at Digital Art Academy a huge bang for their buck!  You set the bar really high for the remaining webinars with the Summer Digital Art Summit.

If you have not purchased any webinars or you are interested in the videos from the webinars you can see the whole schedule at at:

If you are one of the lucky viewers of this webinar you can grab your resources at Odwin Rensen Webinar Resources.

Your password has been mailed to you if you have already purchased. If you are a new purchaser the pass will be mailed within 24 hours.

If you are interested in purchasing the brushes that Odwin uses in this webinar you can find them at Kelby Training. Tamara Fry-Pietsch is a DVD production editor at Kelby and was gracious enough to send me the following information.

All of the Brushes he used in the demo come from two DVD’s by Fay Sarkis:

The Majority of the brushes are from the
Celebration of Art, Weddings Portrait and Faces DVD Set:

Da Vinci
Portrait Hair Brushes

The remaining ones come from:

A Celebration of Art, Wild About Animals

Dog Hair Brushes
Wild Life Hair Brushes

The brushes were imbedded in the first DVD ONLY. The two DVD’s listed contain the brushes in a separate folder:)  The whole workspace thing was too problematic, it worked for some machines and not others, so all of the brushes are accessible on those two discs with having to scrap them out of the workspace:)

Both DVD’s can be purchased @


  1. Alan Wyatt says:

    Hi Tim,

    The webinar download works perfectly. For obvious security reasons, we will have to work on our paintings while accessing the internet, but that’s to be understood. However, when all of these summer webinars are completed, it might be interesting to see if an edited and refined DVD series might be possible, which might also include photography files that are similar in nature to those used by the instructors.

    I have Fay’s brushes from ‘A Celebration of Art!’, and I must say that these are the best hair brushes that I’ve ever used, especially the Stray Hair Remover. But there’s a problem, at least for me. As the brushes are an integral part of Fay’s workspace, they cannot be independently loaded into other workspaces. Or at least, not that I’m aware of. This means that if I paint a portrait in a Basic workspace, I have to open up Fay’s to use the hair brushes, and then return to my previous workspace. What a hassle.

    But I may be ignorant of what’s going on here. If I’m right, I believe Odwin’s workspace included Fay’s hair brushes, so maybe he was able to load them independently into his workspace. There may be a simple solution, and I might not be seeing it.

    Right now I have three workspaces: Basic, Fay’s and Impressionistic. Like a lot of the art students who have seen Odwin’s webinar, I’d love to have his workspace. Along with John Derry’s watercolor workspace, I’d have everything I could want for a very long time to come. I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be asking you for info on that.

    • Hey Alan-

      I am working on a way that we can allow downloads that are secure. It is expensive in terms of various resources but I we are ready to roll. So it will still be up to the individual artists but we do now have the capability of secure downloads. I have sent a post to Odwin and asked permission to utilize a download instead of streaming.

      Specific to workspaces, you should be able to utilize any brushes you have in any workspace you want to make. Load Fayes brushes, I would recommend using our friend Chris Prices Brush manager and then move them to the workspace you want to build.



  2. Tracye in Texas says:

    I would LOVE a download! I saw the first half but had to miss the second due to a photo session. It would be great to be able to fast forward.

    Any news when either version (streaming or download) will be available?

  3. Alan Wyatt says:

    Hi Tim,

    I don’t want to beat this horse to death, but other students may be asking about Fay’s brushes, and so any detailed info you’re able to give on moving brushes from one workspace to another may be valuable to them.
    As Fay’s brushes from ‘A Celebration of Art!’ are an integral part of the DVD, Chris’s can’t be used, as the brushes are not separate from the program. That I’m aware of, they can only be loaded into, and used by, Fay’s Master Workspace. That being the case, we would need to find a way to move the brushes from Fay’s workspace in Painter to any other workspace. Currently, I don’t know of a way to do that.
    If you don’t own a copy of Fay’s Masters disc, then I can understand how you might be confused about what I’m saying. Perhaps other students who own the disc may be able to help. I’ve looked on the internet to see if Fay’s brushes were available for purchase and download, but couldn’t find anything, so for now I’ll simply have to switch back and forth between workspaces for various painting projects.

  4. Hi Tim,
    great, thank you for the quick time movie. The only thing for now is that you cant see the settings. But now I can back and foreward with this download.

    • The recording is just like the live event, we could not see them there either. It has to do with the resolution of the presenters monitor as I have noticed the quality of each recording varies with each presenter.


  5. What a bargain this webinar was! A ton of info and now we have the download to watch when we forget some of his techniques.

    the quality is just fine!

    • Hi Patty-

      I agree that Odwin provided huge value in with this webinar. Over 2 and half hours of teaching. Even if there was no recording, chat questions answered or anything else just doing a live event for that long for that price is a great deal I think. When I study marketing and business I consistently pay 50-70 dollars for 1 hour live events with no download or stream. I think Odwin did an AWESOME job with this. Cant wait till his class in session 6 at DAA. -Tim

  6. Dianne Matecki says:

    I really enjoyed watching another artist work. Odwin really went the extra mile here.
    As for Fays brushes…There is a way to extract them from her work space. It took me several hours to figure it out. It was corrupting my brush creator. The brushes are not located in the typical brushes folder. They are in the application folder. I use a PC so Im not sure how to find them in a Mac.

  7. Hi Tim:
    Thanks so much to you and Odwin. Odwin is an excellent teacher and thanks so much for the download that we can refer to and fast forward. It is just wonderful. Thanks for the psd layers and the chat and QandA also.
    Fantasic webinar.

  8. Alan Wyatt says:

    Hi Dianne and Tim,

    I’m happy to see that Dianne has found a way to extract Fay’s brushes to use in a workspace of her own choice. This really does save a lot of time by allowing us to use brushes in just one area. Dianne, if you could, would you tell us how you were able to perform that process? I’m using a Windows 7 computer, so I’ll be able to use your method. I’ve also noticed that there are other tutorials, such as the “PainterXTutorials” series, in which the brushes are embedded in the application folder. It would be nice to use those brushes as well.
    For any help and advice you’re able to give, I am deeply appreciative.

    • A quick note to those that may be reading this thread. Many of the brushes that Odwin uses are from Fay Sarkis and are proprietary in nature. The folks talking about these brushes have purchased the DVD series which at this point is the only access to those brushes one has.

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