Phoshop Elements 8 Class

Photoshop Elements 8 – Intro, Quick Fix, Guided Edit

New class at Digital Art Academy to be taught by Melinda Hartong!

Learn Photoshop Elements 8
Photoshop Elements – jump in and get your feet wet. This “little sister” version of big brother Photoshop has TONS of hidden tricks up her sleeve. In this class, we’ll cover getting started with Quick as well as Guided Edit options.

Never fear, there are a TON of things you can do with this inexpensive photo editing software you never thought possible!
Super-duper possibilities:
•shortcut keys to save you time & effort
•Correct color – fix wrong color balance & skin tones
•Correct contrast – save highlight & shadow details!
•Make Blue skies & colors pop
•Remove Red Eyes, touching up blemishes
•Critical info on saving your photos!
•Sharpening – overdoing it is easy. Subtle is key!
•quick selection tool – breaking it down!
•recompose tool & scene cleaner –

•Web photo galleries

These will totally knock your socks off! So worth the price of admission! Learn Photoshop Elements here.

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