Odwin Rensen Digital Art Summit Webinar Resources

Digital Art Summit Webinar with Odwin Rensen.

Here are your resources from Odwins webinar. The link below will takeĀ  you to a page that will look like the webinar. Be patient. This video is almost three hours so it takes just a bit to load. The link below will take you to site that you can play the video anytime you have an internet connection. If you want to download the videos and store them on your own computer you can use the links at the bottom of the page.


Download The PSD file here

Question and Answer file

Download The full chat log here

If you really enjoyed the webinar please go to the blog page and leave a comment there. The comments here cant be seen because it is a secured page. Below is the link to the page if you would like to leave a comment about the Paint Like The Old Masters webinar.


The downloads are finished!

Folks I have already had complaints about the video. The quality of the video is as good as we can get it and it the same as the live event was. While processing videos this week I have noticed a big difference between the video quality between instructors and it has to do with the screen resolution on the presenters end. Thanks.

Remember 72 hours for the download, after that the link will be taken down.

Download Video Part ONE here

Download Video Part TWO here


  1. Hey Tim,
    The quality is just great for the downloads!

    I’m so glad you’ve made them available as a download — so much easier to navigate to the spot you want to review again – and quicker.

    Also, will be able to view from my computer when I’m not online.
    This was a great webinar! Thanks for all your work in putting it together!

  2. Odwin’s webinar was absolutely great! I really appreciated the detail he went into.

    A couple of times though, it seemed as if he were working a screen that was not being visible to us.

    Also at times the volume was a serious problem I had to pay it a number of times to try to understand what he was saying.

    The volume on Karen’s webinar was excellent.

    Many thanks,

    Michael Wecker

  3. Odwin is a new-age Master! Beautiful work and a straight forward teaching style.

    Thanks for a great webinar!

  4. Donn Hoyer says:

    Hey Tim… Thank you for the download!! It works just perfect!
    And Tim, thanks for all of your hard work putting these webinars together.
    I’m really enjoying them…
    Also to Odwin; you are fantastic! You do beautiful work and I certainly appreciate you sharing with us!!

    Donn Hoyer

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