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February 2013 Issue
2013 Digital Art Summit
Cover by Lois Stanfield

December 2012 Issue
Using Drawings as a Management Tool
by Victor Lunn-Rocklifee

October 2012 Issue
Woody’s Smoke Brushes
by Woody Walters

August 2012 Issue
Digital Paint-The New Medium
by Melissa Gallo

July 2012 Issue
by Thom Rouse

June 2012 Issue
Death of the Photographer It’s time to
reinvent yourself by Odwin Rensen

May 2012 Issue
How to Create a Bougereau style Portrait
by Michael Campbell

March 2012 Issue
Old Cuban by
Odwin Rensen

February 2012 Issue
The Sketch by
Jim Cunningham

January 2012 Issue
Truly Scene by
John Stevenson

December 2011 Issue
Merry Christmas!
Cover by Marta Nael

November 2011 Issue
Excerpt of Painter 12 by
Martin Addison

October 2011 Issue
Sean and Ron on Set by
Rodney Pike

September 2011 Issue
Tour Group in Rome by
Nomi Wagner

August 2011 Issue
Undo turns to Nodo by
Victor Lunn-Rockliffe

July 2011 Issue
Shine by
Nathan Smith

June 2011 Issue
Flowers by
Skip Allen

May 2011 Issue
Burano Reflections by
Joan A. Hamilton

April 2011 Issue
Dance Rehearsal by
Jeremy Sutton

March 2011 Issue
Spitfire by
Dwayne Vance

February 2011 Issue
Philosophy by
Thom Rouse

January 2011 Issue
Digital Paint Magazine

December 2010 Issue
Watercolor Painting with
ArtRage Pro

November 2010 Issue
Painting with
Photoshop CS5

October 2010 Issue
Digital Landscape

September 2010 Issue
“Watercolor” painting
of a ballerina

August 2010 Issue
Seaside at Treehaven
by Mary Mortensen

July 2010 Issue
The Evolution of an Animal Portrait
by Scott Deardorff

June 2010 Issue
Exploring Imaginary Places
with Marco Bucci

May 2010 Issue
Surrealist Painting
of Flowers

April 2010 Issue
An Intervew with Woody Walters:
Illustrative Genius

March 2010 Issue
Darrell Chitty:
New Old Master

January 2010 Issue
An Intervew with Master Painter
Maura Dutra

December 2009 Issue
A State of change for digital paint magazine:
Interview with Richard Ramsey

September 2009 Issue
John Derry

August 2009 Issue
Premier Issue:
Marilyn Sholin Interview