Learn Digital Print Embellishment

Learn Digital Print Embellishment at the Digital Art Academy

Are you a beginner in painting? Want to add a new dimension to your artwork? Want to find the perfect tutorial that will teach you how to paint even in your home?

Then, you don’t have to worry anymore because in this course you can use the techniques of traditional art with a digital print using acrylic gels and paints.

One of the fastest growing movements in the digital art world is the embellishment of digital prints, using acrylic gels and paints. Embellishment can add a new dimension to your artwork, combining some of the techniques of traditional art with a digital print.

In the Digital Print Embellishment course, you will learn how to turn your digital print into a one of a kind work of art with added texture and color. You will see what a difference adding painted highlights, coloring shadows, or simply adding texture with gels can make. You will be amazed by the tremendous differences between the look and feel of thick, rich acrylics and oils applied with brushes and palette knives in comparison to the flatness of artificial brush strokes and replicated texture effects rendered with Photoshop or Corel Painter and presented on inkjet printed canvas. There’s just no comparison. Many say that the term “embellishment” is “The act of decorating something in the hope of making it more attractive”. Conceptually it’s like having a baked cake (referred to as the inkjet print) and applying some frosting and decorations to give it more appeal in terms of flavor and appearance.

Curious? Then, enroll in the Digital Print Embellishment class that is offered by the Digital Art Academy. This class will get you away from the computer monitor, and get your hands messy! No previous traditional art experience is required – the process is easier than you might think.

The course will include lessons on sealing your digital print, choosing brushes, acrylic gels and paints, embellishing with gel and paint, and finishing off your print. Included in the course is close to 90 minutes of video from the DVD “Finishings – A Basic Guide to Digital Print Embellishment”, along with a written lesson and supplemental files (such as using markers in embellishment) for each week.

You will learn a lot! You will enjoy with your new knowledge that you can improve drastically. You will have the chance to be the artist that you wish you will become. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll, learn, and enjoy!


  1. I thought I missed this webinar.I am very interested. Is there a dvd or tutorial available?

    • Hi Barbara-This is a self paced course at Digital Art Academy. You can find syllabus and sign-up information at Digital Print Embellishment. You will have to create a free account and then log-in before you can actually pay for it if you choose to take the course.

      Also I have one workshop a year in the fall at my studio that is specific to embellishment. Those are generally listed at Digital Art Workshop.

  2. That’s the course I was looking for. It’s kinda secret technique. As I’m not a native speaker, hope the sub are included.
    Gonna buy the DVD soon.

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