June Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the June issue of the magazine. Thank-you again to all of the folks who put this together.


Grab a copy now!


  1. Lew Wetzel says:

    links to the webinars don’t work inside the publication.

  2. Randy Mohr says:

    The watercolor article was great! The best so far!

  3. Barbara Lewis says:

    After signing up for the webinars, I didn’t receive the confirmation in my inbox. It’s asking for a password for members only for me to continue?

  4. Another great edition.

    BTW did you know your June edition has May 2011 in the footer 🙂

    And your captcha for this form is way too hard to read 🙂



    • GW-

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Specific to the footer, we have searched for a simpler verification without success. I agree this capatcha is to hard to read. The good news is one can renew the captcha and it is supposed to be easier the second time around….supposed to be. -Tim

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