January 2011 Issue

Here is your January

2011 issue!

To use the reader:

1-click on the magazine and it will come up full screen (the image below is just a screen shot for an example)

2-when the magazine is full screenyou can click on it again to zoom in. When you zoom in a small icon will become present at the top with a slider so you can control how far you zoom in.

3-Flip through the pages by clicking on the small arrow on the right of your screen

4-Press the Escape button on your keyboard to get out of full screen mode.

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There are some important changes happening at the magazine. Most notably we are moving to a membership base format. We will still have a free membership that will allow access to some great content.

The magazine will still be published free. How it will work is the free magazine will be accessible for 15-45 days in the format above, readable in the flip viewer. After the next issue comes out the current issue will be relegated to “back-issue” status. Back issues are available for download and view for $4.95.

We will also be making subscriptions available shortly for those avid readers who already know they would like the content to be available for more than a few weeks and also want the download.