iPhone Olloclip review

Olloclip and iPhone Like Peas in a Pod

My friend, artist extraordinaire,  inventor and all around super hero Dan Burkholder is always on the leading edge of trends.  As such he is a fanatic with iPhonography.  He teaches workshops on the subject that get filled quickly, speaks about it in his travels,  heck he even wrote one of the bestselling books on taking pics with your iPhone.

Me on the other hand…well I have been slow to “convert”.  I didnt even have an iPhone until a year ago.  My biggest challenge with taking pics with my phone was how I was stuck with the single attached lens.  Admittedly I really like having a pocket size camera that I always had with me.  The quality is actually better than my first full blown pro DSLR but I found my self wanting a different set of lenses.  That is where Olloclip comes in.

The story of Olloclip is very cool all by itself.  Being a business geek and entrepreneur I love the fact that they raised the initial investment capital using kickstarter.  What I like best about this product is the wide angle lens.  It seems my phone gets used mostly to capture in promtu landscapes and cityscapes.

There is no need for me to balst out a long review, I would simply be rehashing what has been said many times already. You can see reviews from the big dogs in the industry on the Olloclip website review page.  If you like shooting pics with your phone and want to step up your image options check out the Olloclip.

Ollocip iPhonography


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