Grunge Text Tutorial Effects

Some Tutorial Effects Are Simple, Grunge Type Is One Of The Easy Ones!

Following is a short video that will show you one quick and easy method to come up with some cool looking grunge type.

This video is available for streaming only. Book mark us to come back often and if you like the post share it via tweet or bookmarks. Also be sure and comment, I would be interested in hearing what tutorial effects or other info you might want to see.


  1. Thanks Tim, that was “short and sweet”. Your instructional steps were very clear and easy to follow.

  2. Wow! Cool! Now I can make everything grunge! 🙂

  3. Donn Hoyer says:

    Thanks Tim!! You’re the best. I do love grunge and this sure fits in!! Really appreciate it!

    See ya later,

  4. Thanks Tim, This little video is so helpful, no more downloading grunge brushes for me.

    My best…..Mary Schonher

  5. This is an awesome tutorial. I can see you in the T Shirt business now 🙂 Great work!


  6. Graham H says:

    Great vid, cuts my workload down by a lot.


  7. LOWELL FRANGA says:

    Tim, thanks for the tutorial! Very clever and as you said, simple. These are the kind of tuts I like; short, concise and to the point. Keep em coming-appreciate it.


  8. marvelous!!

  9. That was really great..I had no idea it was so simple..Thanks so much..!

  10. Would it be possible to make the videos iPad friendly?

    Will dig out my laptop to watch, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Andrew,

      We are looking into it but honestly it will be awhile. I have no one that has that knowledge currently and we have our hands full. Hopefully down the road.

  11. Thanks Tim! Quick and easy!

  12. Folk Heart says:

    This is so very helpful! Many thanks for your generosity.

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