Graphics Tablets Review Site

Graphics Tablets Reviews: A Cool Site Dedicated Specifically to Graphics Tablets.

As more and more businesses evolve online and we continue to see more “splintering” in the marketplace we have an tremendous opportunity. Not only is there opportunity but on the consumer side we will be able to get information from sites that are more and more specialized. Graphics Tablets reviews is one of these sites. It is an entire website devoted to nothing other than graphics tablets for artists and photographers, Whoda thunk?

This is the place to go if you have any questions related to what tablet might fit your budget and workflow. While the site most likely is an automated site with little input from original content (I could be wrong) I am still happy that someone is taking the time to corral the data specific to tablets in one place.

There are even a few reviews of books as well. Our friend Cher Pendarvis book is reviewed on there. Also I found a really cool article on how to convert any LCD screen into a graphics tablet. Now that is cool!

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