Digital Painting Workshop DVD Beta

Digital Painting Workshop, Artistic Impressions DVD download

DVD download from the Artistic Impression workshop series now available.

My procrastination will save you money!

I have made available the training materials from my Artistic Impressions workshop. These DVD’s were originally sold out. I had so many people asking about them I decided to bring them back as downloads.  What caused me to initially sell them is explained below.


I did a workshop at the beginning of the year and ordered more product for the attendees. I needed  the products to ship expedited because I waited for a day to long to order them (imagine that).

When I ordered that batch I did not have expedited shipping checked which meant they went media mail, meaning I would not have them before the workshop. I use automated order and shipping so I could not call an operator to change the way they were shipped. So….I had to re-order for the workshop using overnight shipping. I actually forgot about the duplicate order until the first batch came in via media mail AFTER the workshops were done.


There is no longer a specific number of the product remaining as I have decided to keep them in production as downloads.  Here is what you will get.

1-CD DOWNLOAD with  folders containing,

  • textures
  • Photoshop Brushes
  • Tims Faves Corel Painter Brushes
  • Photoshop Actions
  • Resource PSD files
  • Folders to put notes
  • Folders to put your working files
  • Artistic Impressions 40 page Workbook
  • 2 Bonus books from Tim ONeill

1-DVD DOWNLOAD with 8 videos

  • Custom Palettes
  • Interpretation
  • Adding Color
  • Painting Image
  • Fusion/Muck
  • Transpiration/Emerge
  • Saturation
  • Texture
  • Tim showcase

These  are  a beta version. No fancy titles and graphics at the beginning of the videos. The workbook is continuously updated.

Price is normally 127.00, buy now for …..97$  each set.

These are downloads.

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  1. Tim, will i be able to paint like you??? Looks like a great series. didn’t know anything about it, but you have some great work.

    • Hi Janet!

      These 7 short videos break down the steps I teach in my workshops. I believe anyone can emulate a specific style given the instruction and practice time. Whats cool is when you are learning someone elses style your own unique hand start becoming apparent.

      The only difference between someone who gets 20,000$ for a painting and the person who has not even tried to sell one yet is time. Thanks for your nice comments!


  2. Miguel Sanchez says:

    Tell me the total of the money to send to Spain, thanks

  3. I missed the session last week and have not done any painter projects, are these dvd’s for someone who has not done anything or someone familiar? I would love to have them if they could teach me without anything else, otherwise I what do I need to know to begin with these? thanks

    • HI Sherry-

      this DVD set is for beginner to intermediate. By beginner I mean you need to be comfortable opening up the software and opening up a image to paint. The rest of it is explained via video and written in PDF as well.

  4. Don Boesen says:

    I noticed Photoshop brushes. Is this a Painter tutorial or will these techniques also work in CS5?

    • Hi Don-this is a Corel Painter tutorial but the technique can be used nicely in CS5 with a few slight modifications. I am currently working on this technique for CS5 owners but in all fairness the differences are slight. If you are familiar with both programs it will be easy to see the differences.

  5. When will it be available for download?

    • Hi Richard,

      It is actually available now for download. We just finished the download pages. You can use the same button as it is manual at this point. Once we get things chgned around it will be automatic.

  6. David Downs says:

    Hi Richard

    I’m confused. Are these dvd’s or downloads? Is the workbook included?

    • Hi David,

      This offer is for downloads. The workbook is included as are all of the other resources. We are currently re-doing the site, have just changed servers as well as autoresponders so we have seen a few bugs poppin up here and there with the Paypl button. If you have any issues contact us and we will fix them straight away. Cheers! -Tim

  7. Dorothy Johnson says:

    I have tried everything to login and the system does not recognise that I have subscribed. Your data base needs some attention.

    • Hi Dorothy-there is no login to the site unless you are a paid member. The free sunscription does not rewuire logging in as the magazine is emailed and available to read on the blog.

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