Digital Painting Tutorials-March

Digital Painting Tutorials in the March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine.

The March issue of the magazine is ready. Digital Painting tutorials by Skip Allen, Barb Hartsook, Kathy Pilgrim and Karen Bonaker are in this issue. There is also a surprise with the look and feel! You can download it here:  Digital Painting Tutorials March

If you like the magazine and would like to be on the early notification list fill out the opt-in information on the right side of the page. The magazine is free and we also have a bunch of awesome content that will begin going to the subscribers beginning in March.

March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine


  1. Terry Sita says:

    I don’t think I got this issue of the magazine and I am signed up Thanks, Terry Sita

    • Hi Terry-

      you might check to make sure you have us white listed. The link goes out to the list so if you didnt get it chances are it ended up in your junk box. Cheers. tim

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