Digital Painting Tutorials April

The April Issue of Digital Paint Magazine has some awesome tutorials.

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April Issue here

DPM Staff


  1. Aleck Seddon says:

    Acrobat reader comes up with error. Can’t display embedded font FWS … and All text is replaced with black blobs? when trying to read April’s issue of DPMag

    • Hi Aleck,

      We dont have any known tech issues with the April issue. I do know in the past we have had subscribers with similar challenges. In all cases the fix was to download and install the latest free version of Adobe Reader. I hope that helps get your running.

  2. Just wanted to say that I have absolutely no problem with downloading and reading the Digital Paint Magazine. It is a wonderful resource for information and creative ideas from top-notch digital artists. And, it’s free! Nothing gets better than that. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to many, many more issues.

  3. I just received the Sept 2009 issue until the next edition comes out. My question? How can I get back issues including April?

    • Hi Jane-

      I did get your message that you had answered your own question but thought I might answer it here for anyone else that had that question. It has come up before. If you go to the back-issues tab at the top of the page several of the past issues are up. We are adding them as we can and have a few more to post. -t

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