Digital Painting SEO Tips for Artists Three-Keywords

Digital Painting SEO tips-Keywords part one

We are going to take a quick peek at keywords.  First, what are keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases that a potential client types in the search engine to find you.  These keywords are what the search engine algorithm finds to deliver the desired content to the person seeking information.

So if you are a digital artist specializing in children’s portraiture some of your keywords might be, children’s portraiture, commission a portrait, children’s paintings etc.  The idea here is to figure out what your client base would put in the search engine search box to find you.

Using keywords is critical.  Search engine spiders rely on these words to find your site.  This is one of the big challenges to using a cool looking flash site.  They sure are pretty but, a very simple site with lots of  copy that will answer your potential clients’ questions will smoke a pretty website in terms of traffic.  As visual artist that is a challenge.  We need a site that is representational of our work but still has lots of content.  That is one reason you really have to have a blog. Dump the flash website and replace it with a site that you can add plenty of keyword rich copy…hard to swallow I know.

Using the proper keywords is just as important.  For example if you are an artist  I probably would not use artist as one of my keywords.  Why? It is way to competitive and you really don’t stand a chance of anyone ever find you when they type in “artist” in the search engine box.  It is way to competitive.  A better way for you to do this would be to narrow it down.  Use “Children’ s Portrait Artist, Denver” instead.  You will have a much better shot at someone finding you with that keyword.

So ideally you want to use high traffic and low competition keywords.  And the only competition we should ever be concerned with are the websites in the Top 10 of the search engines.  Outside of that is pretty much useless.

So how do we find keywords and where/how do we use them?  That will be the next post. Then we can get back to backlinks again.  Bored?  Check out some of the tutorials or brushes on the resource pages.


  1. Not bored, just the opposite. Thanks for this lesson in keywords, I’ve been wondering what they were for. Very helpful.

  2. Good post, you make an important point about focussing on the competition of the top 10 – these are the sites you are competing with. Although the increase of geo targeting search results (based on your location) means that there isn’t a definitive top ten for any keyword anymore.


    • Thanks for the comment Jim. Yep, the Geo targeting gig is giving a few folks a nice competitive chop right now. It will change as more folks hire SEO’s and in the know web designers to help them out with that. The interesting thing is what will happen as we have 5 locals that come up from geo targeting and the other 5 five from a more international acquisition based on organic results? Should be fun, it means the top 5 is then really the target, and more “splintering” will occur and specializing will take on an even more important role.



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