Digital Painting SEO Tips for Artists Five- Using Your Keywords

SEO for Digital Artist, working with keywords part 3

Ok, now you have found some keywords as a part of learning digital painting SEO, what’s the big deal?  What do I need these keywords for anyway?

We will look at a few different areas where our keywords will come in handy.

1-The most important place to be using keywords is in your copy. By that I mean in the content pages you continuously add to your blog or website (if you are using a content management system). I keep coming back to adding content. Search engine spiders love  new content. If you are not adding content frequently you really don’t stand a chance of ranking very high. This is yet another area our cool looking flash sites do us a huge disservice.

Some great places for your keywords are at the top of the page, in the headline and sub headline and try to include the keyword for that page (article, post) in two additional paragraphs, the first and the last would be top choices.

Also realize that search engine spiders are not able to string phrases (yet, that I know of). So you need to use the exact keyword or keyword phrase you want to get ranked for. In the instance of this article you will see Digital Painting is my primary keyword. Also the spiders will read Digital Painting SEO, and Digital Painting SEO Tips as well. What the spiders wont put together is any of the words that are not in order. For example if I was using a keyword of “Digital Painting”  the spiders would not put that together from the title I have used here.

2- You can put your keywords in your ALT tags. Say we add a photo of a young child on our blog. We could include an ALT tag that says, “Anne poses for her baby portrait at 6 mos”, or some other phrase that includes our keywords. ALT tags consist of words. When the search engine spiders read the keywords or keyword phrases within the tag, it increases your keyword usage. Higher keyword usage means a better chances of getting higher positioning. Optimum keyword usage is 3-4%, so if your blog post has two hundred words you should utilize your primary keyword six or eight times.

3-Your domain name is probably already chosen, if not consider using your keywords in your domain name. An example of this is this blog. One of our keywords obviously is digital paint. We use it in the domain of

4-Another area for consideration is to use your keywords in your page names. Again with a blog this is very simple to do. If you have a flash site it is much more difficult to do unless you know coding. There are a few SEO plugins that actually help make this a simple process for blogs.

Hope this helps.


  1. Hi Tim

    Do you mean using your keywords in your post titles as ‘page names’?

    Great article by the way, very informative.

    Joan AHamilton

    • Hi Joan-

      The string, “Page names”, is used differently in many places so I will try to say what I mean so we can clear up the semantics issue. In a blog most of the time a post is not a separate page like it would be in a regular site. Many theme templates now do allow a separate page for each post. So what I am talking about in the article is using your keywords as post titles just as you mentioned. Additionally you can structure your blog site pages and categories using your keywords as well. An example might be the hugely competitive keyword phrase Digital Art. The overall site concept may be digital art, your blog pages broken down further like digital art fractals, digital art photography, digital art paintings etc. Then your categories would break it down to the next step like digital art portrait paintings, digital art corel painter, Digital art photoshop etc. This is an example only and obviously not all of the keywords I have used in the example are “reader” friendly and certainly are not researched for feasiblity, competition or traffic. Hope that clears it up a bit.

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