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Ann Roberts

Digital Artist Ann roberts

Digital Artist Ann Roberts

Ann generously provides her time with some writing, editing and proofreading.

Ann L. Roberts

I was born in a small country community in Yazoo County, MS a long time ago.  I finished high school and went to work as bookkeeper/secretary for a chain of 4 stores and from there went to work for a major railroad as an agent/operator and worked there until my retirement at 20 years.  Most of my working years were in New Orleans, LA.

I was always interested in art, writing and music and have had them in my life since childhood in one form or the other.

My first encounter with computers was while working for the railroad and from there to a personal computer.  When I discovered Corel Painter and AdobePhotoshop I set out to learn them and took classes all over the Internet to gain more understanding of these two magnificent programs.

My college education consisted of two years while working but I always took night courses and correspondence courses through the years.  At one point I became interested in law and could have passed the bar in Mississippi but they changed the rules on it and required a degree from a university just as I felt I was ready for the challenge.

I was a member of Mensa for a long time but stopped paying the dues when I got too involved with my husband’s music to go to the meetings.  We ran a successful music production company after our retirement from other jobs.  He was a musician all his life and I did the booking, and mastered the tapes and did the graphics for them.

My uncle left me a small town newspaper but I sold it due to time constraints.

Mexico Two Digital Painting

Mexico Two Digital Painting

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