Darrell Chitty Digital Paint Webinar

Digital Paint Webinar with guest Darrell Chitty

Thank-you for everyone that joined us in the webinar last week. It was packed! We had space for only 100 and we turned over 27 people away. Sorry for those that did not get on the live demonstration. Below you will find the resources from that webinar.

Darrell Chitty Painting

First this is the video that Darrell Started off with, this is streaming only. If you want to view these videos at full screen click on the little grey square icon in the player like the example below.

Watching Digital Painting Full Screen

To come back out of full screen just hit the escape button.

Following is the video replay of the webinar, you can watch it here or if you prefer the download link is at the bottom of the player.

Darrel Chitty Painting

Download File

Webinar Replay Download above

Chat log questions download

Painting by Darrell Chitty

Audio answers to chat log questions


  1. Jerry Kelley says:

    Tim, thank you for posting the webinar, because of work I missed most of it. Darrel’s style of painting speaks to me very strongly, it’s WOW!

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