Creativity Unleashed Gift

Below is the link for a gift. Simply click on the link to download the PDF, it is about 4.5 MB.

Mammarazzi’s Guide to Creativity_v3


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  1. What a terrific idea Tim! Thanks!

  2. You are so gifted. Thank you for sharing your gift.


  3. You have opened up more creative ideas for me. Thank you thank you thank you. What a talent you have, thanks for sharing.

  4. Julie Kovac says:

    Thank you for the wonderful book and thank you for all the creative ideas you have sparked for everyone. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful book and thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us. Merry Christmas

  6. Thank you so much! Wonderful! And Merry Christmas to you as well!

  7. Thank you for the book and sharing this with us. May you and your family have a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  8. Jerry Kelley says:

    Thank you very much Tim, and happy holidays to you!

  9. thank you!!!

  10. Thanks, mate.
    A joy full Christmas to you up there in the northern hemisphere.

  11. Thank you for sharing your book Tim.
    Still in awe with your Christmas card!!!
    Again a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Creative New Year.
    Kind Regards Enny.

  12. Thank you for sharing your book. It is much appreciated.

  13. Thank you Tim, Merry Christmas.

  14. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us. Happy Holidays

  15. Thanks for the gift of creative a jump start! Merry Christmas.

  16. Fascinating, valuable and want to read again & again. Thank you so very much

  17. Thank you so much Tim for sharing this Christmas gift with us. Merry Christmas to you.

  18. Thank you for the gift!

  19. Mardi Chapman says:

    Than you so much, Tim. You humble us with your generosity of spirit.

  20. Thank you for the great gift. Looking forward to 2012 and great new webinars.

  21. Thank you and happy Holidays!

  22. Donna Logar says:

    Many thanks for your generousity to us all.

  23. thanks and i will read this book

  24. Thanks for always sharing such great things. You keep us motivated.

  25. Thanks for your continued sharing

  26. A wonderful surprise!
    Andrea Auletta

  27. Thank you for this beautiful gift. You give us wonderful ideas to think about.

  28. Raul Feria says:

    Beeing in this phase of humankind, the information era, you are adding a sand grain to the dunes of knowledge.
    Thanks to You.

  29. I just went very quickly over the chapters…. so interesting!
    I can’t wait to read it.
    Thank you Tim!

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