Corel Painter Tips-Making a Paper Texture

Corel Painter Tips-How to make a paper texture

This is the first in a tip series that Woody Walters and I are doing. We will have a short video each week.

You can see the Corel Painter Tips video here.

Hop on over to and watch the video at Woody and Ninya Walters place. The pass word you need is tim.  (lower case) Be sure and sign up for their newsletter while you are there.

Please leave comments and let me know what type of short tips you might want to see in the future.

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  1. Edward Snow says:

    Would like to see tutorials on how to create custom brushes.
    Also what brushes work with what layers in painter 11.
    What is the Drop Method.


    • Hi Ed!

      Excellent ideas, thank-you. Specific to brushes we know and work with several people who are experts in that area. John Derry, Skip Allen and David Gell are just a few.

  2. Sharon O says:

    I love the short tutorials that help us navigagte painter 11 – Keep going1

  3. Daniel Majul says:

    Dear Tim: what about some tuts on (for me)some obscure theme like color management and color proofing mode?

  4. Daniel Majul says:


  5. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the little tip.
    I would love to see you capturing a paper from a scanned in paper.

    • Dianne-scanned paper is also a good idea, then we can also use our hand drawn marks for backgrounds. I will put it on the agenda. -t

  6. KUDOS Tim! This is GREAT and I look forward to more in the future. Even tho we may know how to do this unless we used it a lot it is easily forgotten and this just brings such ideas to the forefront again.

  7. Terry Sita says:

    The password tim does not work. I can’t watch the video. Thanks, Terry

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