Your Questions About High Resolution Photos Facebook

Richard asks…

How can I share hi-res photos?

I’m looking for a way to share hi-res photos (preferably for free or very cheaply) online. The resolution on Facebook etc is not high enough as the photos being sent need to be printed on to large canvases.

Timo answers:

Your terminology is making your question confusing. What do you mean by SHARE? If you literally mean to post many hi res photos to share for other people to see and print, you are going to have to use a paid account at what is called a photo / client hosting site. These sites allow you to upload hi res photos, then any potential clients / friends can view the photos and order large prints through the site. The photos are still not going to be hi res on the computer, which you should not want anyway. You cannot view a hi res photo on a computer screen without scrolling all over the screen and only being able to see parts of the photo.

Zenfolio is a great site for this type of service:

Now if you are meaning you just want to be able to SEND a hi res photo to someone, then there are plenty of FTP sites you can use for this. Many email services will not allow large attachments, and that is simply a slow, poor way to send large photos. Using a site such as You Send It allows you to upload large files to the site, then the site sends an email to your client. The client then opens the attachment in the email which redirects to You Send It to retrieve the file and download it onto their computer. MUCH better than trying to tie up email with large files.



Nancy asks…

Is there a way to force a jpg file to open within the browser (if it opens as a download dialog)?

For example I’m in Facebook and I want to view a high resolution photo but when I click “download high resolution photo” it opens a download dialog. I know it’s meant to do that and that’s why it says download.

But is there a way where I can force it to open the image within the browser without actually downloading it, perhaps by a Adblock script?


Timo answers:

AdBlock has nothing to do with the way your .jpgs are opened. It depends on which browser youre using. If you use Firefox, youre in luck. Go to Tools – Options or Preferences, and go to content. There should be an option to change what your browser does with every type of file extension.

If you use Internet Explorer, youre out of luck. If you right click on the image it gives you all the options you have of opening the image. If its not there, then IE wont be able to do it.

Carol asks…

Is there an easier way to send photos to someone rather than through email?

I need a way to send someone 200+ high resolution photographs and I dread sending them via email.. Does anyone know a better way to transfer them that doesn’t involve posting them to Facebook? Is there any type of website that will host the album and allow for the entire thing to be downloaded as a whole?

Timo answers:

Facebook will not store the files in high resolution. Flickr will allow batch upload and individual download, but would require a Pro account for that many high res images. Anything involving email is too slow and runs the risk of files getting dumped for exceeding capacity.

If you have FTP access to a server, that is the way to do it. Most pros have high capacity/high band width storage servers, or at least a Web server, that is used for FTP transfer to clients. You could probably rent a server short term for a reasonable price, $7 per month 150G unlimited bandwidth at Go Daddy. Search Google, maybe there are some free ones.

David asks…

Facebook Uploading Problem?

So I’m currently uploading 125 photos to my Facebook and so far, 82 of them are done and with 14 minutes to go. However, this 14 minutes have been an hour and a bit long and I’ve tried to cancel it but it says it would delete all the uploaded photos. I’ve already wasted 500 meg due to high resolution pictures and I don’t want to start over.

Help would be appreciated! thank you!!

Timo answers:

The exact same thing happened to me except I was uploading a video at the time I was using one of those mobile broadband sticks and when I went back to the WiFi in my house and it uploaded fine so if you’re using a slow connection that can really affect how long it takes to upload photos and videos 🙂

Susan asks…

Can Photographers Answer This For Me?

My friend sent me photos as JPEG email attachments for me to tweak the coloring and contrast on, and then upload onto my facebook page. So I right clicked on each photo attached, selected “Save As” and saved them into my photos in my Windows Photo Gallery. I then went to open the photos I saved there and to edit the coloring and contrast, and realized the photos she sent me don’t take up the whole screen like they do if I’d uploaded them from a camera card, and when i try to zoom in on them, they pixellate and the quality is horrible.

My question is, what does she have to do when she sends them, and/or what do I have to do when I retrieve them, for them to open up as full size, high resolution photos in my Windows Gallery when i go to edit them, like the photos I upload from my camera card? Thanks.

Timo answers:

You don’t have do “do” anything but save the file, you can only save a file at whatever resolution it is, there is no choice to download them at different resolutions. She has to send the full res file in the attachment. She sent you low res files, probably because most of the time, email attachments are limited to no more than 10mb files. Maybe she re-sized them so that she could send them all within her email clients attachment quota, or maybe she has her camera set to capture images at a lower res, I don’t know and can’t suggest a solution without first knowing under which circumstances the images were created originally. What I can do is recommend you advise her to upload her images to picasaweb, set her permissions to allow download, and for you to retrieve the images from her picasaweb page instead of her emailing them to you. I gave picasaweb as an example, because I use it to allow folks in my family to easily download images I take of them, but you could use flickr to do this as well. I don’t use my flickr for that purpose.

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Your Questions About Childrens Portraits

James asks…

how can i find a childrens portrait studio in vermont?

Timo answers:

By looking.

Daniel asks…

Is it acceptable to do portrait photoshoots from my lounge?

Looking at starting a business doing childrens portraits , do you think it would be okay to set up temporary studio from my lounge?

Timo answers:

You have to watch for a few things.

1- Insurance.
Your insurance company might refuse to pay up if a client of yours is injured at your home if you just have regular home coverage so ready your insurance contract carefully or purchase supplemental liability insurance (or equivalent in whatever jurisdiction oyu are in).

2- Local by-laws (or council resolutions or whatever they are called in your neck of the woods):
Some municipalities restrict the types of business that can be run from home and some even restrict the amount of space your home business can take in your home. Call your municipal government (or local coucil office or whatever) and find out what the restrictions are so as to avoid a fine or worse.

Those are 2 big points.

Charles asks…

Which Canon EF “L” lens is better for portraits 24-70 mm, or 24-105?

My parents are considering buying me the Canon Mark D II, and it comes with a 24-105 mm lens, is this a good lens for infant/childrens portraits if I am looking to do full body portraits, showing the backgrounds as I am going to invest in some seamless background paper, and possibly a modcloth backdrop.
Is the 24-70 mm better for childrens portraits than the 24-105 mm ? I can see that the 24-70 mm is a “faster” lens, but is there really a big difference between the two lenses.

If I get the kit with the 24-105 mm lens, should I really buy the 24-70 additionally, as it may be a faster lens and take a better photo, or is it not worth it to invest that much money if there isn’t that much of a difference.

Additionally, what is the best focal length on a full bodied (35mm) camera for infant/childrens portraits. I have read conflicting opinions of it being 50 – 100, to 50-150 … I also read that for what I am looking to do, which is childrens full bodied portraits, that the 24-70 is good as you would want a wider frame ? and that the 24-105 mm is good for full bodied.

Also I am taking pictures of babies, so you tend to want to be a bit closer to them than an adult, to be able to reposition them when they are crawling away ETC.

Thanks in advance for your advice/opinions. All are greatly appreciated and taken into consideration, as I am new to photography and am very interested to learn to take great portraits of my daughter. She has a facial deformity, and I despise taking her for her portraits because I like to avoid the comments. I’d love to be able to take portraits of her myself that conceal the deformity as well.


Timo answers:

Canon ?D, Mark II (5D, 1D, 1Ds)

As you know that camera is a full frame camera, what you apparently don’t know is that portrait lenses for that camera are either the 85 mm or 100 mm lens lengths, so if you want to buy a zoom strictly for shooting portraits, the 70-200 mm f/2.8 is a better choice since it covers both those focal lengths. The 24-105 mm will cover all the focal lengths you need right now while you are learning how to use the camera itself, so hold off buying any other lens until you have a good understanding of how a fully adjustable camera works. Consider the lighting you need to buy to produce good “portraits” of babies or others. This means doing some research to see which lighting kit will suit your shooting style the best. You will need at least a key and fill light as well as some kind of background stand with lighting for it as well.

It is usually not a good investment to buy lenses that cover the same focal lengths unless they are prime lenses. For instance you may end up owning a 24-70 mm f/2.8, 70-200 mm f/2.8 and a 85 mm f/1.4 mm prime lens. That means that you will eventually be selling the 24-105 mm as you enhance your camera system. As you can see, there is much more to photography than just having a nice camera.

Concealing flaws is a whole different issue. You will have to spend a lot of time learning how to use a program like Photoshop. For advanced retouching, you will find taking a class or two may be the best way to avoid a lot of frustration when using Photoshop.

Learning to shoot portraits is going to take a while. See if you can work as an assistant to a portrait photographer for about six months so you can learn lighting and the business of photography too.

David asks…

Please help me choose a DSLR camera for taking family portraits and a friends wedding.?

ok so I love photography but I know nothing about it. All I know is that people who have seen my photos love them and continue to tell me that I should get into the business of photography. I laugh! Anyway, i have a friend who is getting married in August. Her fiance and her a very very low income. They will not have a photographer so I was asked to jump in and take some photos. I am excited as i have some great Ideas but I know my lil camera will not do the job. Right now I have a Casio Exilm 5.0 mp and 3x optical zoom. I have used it for childrens portraits to 8×10 and my Best Friends Engagement photos. But I will need something that will zoom better and allow me to size pictures well at 10×13. I am looking at a Sony a350k or even the a300k sounds good. I cannot affort extra equipment so I need something that will have to do all for now. I am an amature and am just doing this for a favor. Please help. My budget is about $600. Thanks!

Timo answers:

I’m suggesting that you try on the Nikon D60. Its a really good camera and will serve all your purpose. Bright images and VR lens is just to much to resists. You could also add filters or save up to buy speedlite with your balance. How’s that?

Susan asks…

I have the painting the childrens hour(antique portrait of woman & 2 children looking for the lady who was as

Timo answers:

How many years it have? You need to determine the century and after it will be more easy to determine the stile, region, motive, and artist.


Ghenador Gallery

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Your Questions About Mixed Media Portraits

Sandy asks…

Some airbrush painting advice/help?

Im hosting an art show in like 4 to 5 months time and its more like a mixed media kind of show with all sorts paintings, pictures, pottery.
Anyway im new to airbrushing and i love the effect! But i have no idea what to buy and how to use it. Can some1 please help me with choosing the equipment and paints
Im thinking of drawing mostly floral designs and portraits
the surface used will be canvas or wood

Timo answers:

Go to different art stores and ask them wats good and ne other Q’s u have

John asks…

Thomas asks…

Can anyone give me an example what a museum report should look like?

Pick painting from the Baroque era and explain how it needs to be written. I have to go to my local museum and find a painting or some work of art to write a 3-4 page report about.

First, just enjoy the museum. View the art, and perhaps some special exhibitions. While going through, notice which specific art works that you like. Second, pick one work of art from any time period, although preferably a time covered by the textbook. Third, answer the questions from the worksheet (next page) on that specific work of art: a painting, a sculpture, a watercolor, a sculptural relief, a tapestry, or even furniture!


?Subject: religious, portrait, landscape, pastoral, mythological, genre, still life, abstract, non-objective.
?Medium: techniques for sculpture: wood, marble / stone, terra cotta, bronze, cast, carved, and fabricated.
?Medium & support for painting: tempera on panel, oil on panel, oil on canvas, water color on paper, drawing (graphite, ink), etching, engraving, lithography.
?Approximate size: also surface finish: smooth, rough.
?Proportions: naturalistic, exaggerated.
?Color elements: hues (names of colors), values (lightness & darkness), intensity (bright / vivid, dull / neutral).
?Composition: crowded, chaotic, simple, spacious, dominantly triangular, horizontal, and vertical.

The worksheet will lead you through, asking specific information on the above areas and more. Remember that in some cases, depending on which art work that you have chosen, some questions will not apply. Please answer these questions in complete sentences, and except for questions that ask dimensions, please make the length approximately 6-10 sentences. HAVE FUN!


Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6
COLORS: Be specific, name colors. Describe lightness/darkness and cool vs. warm colors.

Question 7
COMPOSITIONAL ELEMENTS: This does not refer to the orientation of the canvas/picture itself! Are the dominant lines/shapes in this painting either horizontal/vertical/diagonal; straight/curvilinear; geometric/organic (freeform)?

Question 8
TYPE & PURPOSE: Religious, portrait (paintings of religious personages are not portraits!), landscape, genre, still-life, pastoral or mythological, non-objective (means having NO subject – design only).

Question 9
PROBABLE PATRON: Church, nobility/state, guild/group, middle-class, self, or no patron intended.

Question 1
MEDIUM: Tempera/panel, fresco, oil on panel/ canvas, print: woodcut, etching, engraving, aquatint, lithography, photography, etc.; water color; sculpture: additive/subtractive/cast; material: wood, marble/stone, clay/wax/bronze; mixed media.

Question 11
SIZE: Give me your eyeball approximate dimensions. (Terms such as ‘small or large’ are subjective): Do you believe that size has any impact upon the way that you react to this piece?

Question 12
BRUSH STROKES/MEDIUM HANDLING: Loose/tight, linear or colorist technique, smooth-flat/thick impasto.

Question 13
LIGHT: Is there an even/overall, obvious source/dramatic (tenebrism? chiaroscuro?) (This does not mean ‘lighting’ in the museum, but ‘lighting’ shown within the painting!)

Question 14
TIME PERIOD: How/why does each chosen example demonstrate the characteristics of the time/place. If not, why?

Question 15
SPATIAL DEPTH DEPICTED: Use of linear perspective, atmospheric perspective, or no spatial depth depicted – flat or shallow.

Question 16
TEXTURE: Real and/or implied; or none. (If it’s real, you could feel it; if it’s implied it looks as if you could!).

Question 17
PROPORTIONS: True/realistic, exaggerated, elongated/shortened – Is each individual, figure, or element in proportion, and are all in proper scale to each other?

Question 18
INFLUENCES: (Very Important!) Do you see any influences from either the past or other artists?

Question 19
What single artwork in your textbook does it most closely resemble, and why?

Question 20
Include the following: Title, artist, page number, style, date, nationality.

Question 21
Closing remarks should cover the following: If money or space were not a factor, discuss one single work of art from the museum’s collection that you would like to own. Include your reasons why.

Question 22
Closing remarks must also include comments about the art connections/ education section, the garden, and any personnel (or guards) that had any bearing upon your t

Timo answers:

YOur teacher said to enjoy the museum so do that first. Then go back and pick one painting that moved you.There should be at least one. Then take that painting and apply it to the 22 questions which in essence means to BS your way through the assignment because there are no wrong answers.

Look, your teacher seems to be interested in your ability to relate the picture you like at the museum to what is going on with the book and the class. That is the point of the assignment. So, jive your way around here by saying nice things about the painting and the class too.

Linda asks…

Critque my art project please? (picture inc.)?

Mixed Media on the Beatles

Can you critique this mixed media peice? Should i do anything to make it better? Is it too much already? Are the records distracting? Ect thanks SO much <3

PS.. im aware my charcoal portraits are not incredible im just a junior in high school :p slack appreciated

Timo answers:

The charcoal portraits aren’t bad. They have potential. And the piece all together is pretty interesting. Yeah, the records are rather distracting, but just say they are your point of interest. This is going to be that type of piece that people have to actually focus on to actually see all of it, ya know?? Which in my opinion is good. Who wants of piece of art that people can just glance over? This one grabs your attention and makes you look at everything that is composed in it. Like it took me a while before I noticed the gun and bullets. But you really kind of are interested while looking at this piece. It takes a couple of looks to see everything in the artwork. And I don’t think it’s to much at all. You could maybe add a few more things to the top left section, but as for the rest, I would leave as is.
I hope this was of some help. 🙂

David asks…

1. The tradition of using coats of arms began with this group.?

1. The tradition of using coats of arms began with this group. (1 point)
Christian knights of the Middle Ages
Christian monks of the Middle Ages
royalty of Eastern Europe
royalty of the Middle East
2. When an artist is trying to communicate a message, he or she should not consider this.
(1 point)
how specific the message should be
the media in which their working
who are they trying to communicate with
how much money can they make if they sell it
3. A simple shape or single design that can be repeated is called a (1 point)
4. Altering the color and light of an artwork will have a direct effect on (1 point)
the point of view.
the mood.
the balance.
the intellectual impact.
5. The person in charge of running the camera or cameras in filmmaking is the (1 point)
6. The four basic parts of a coat of arms are the (1 point)
crest, mantle, shield, and motto.
crest, mantle, profile, and logo.
crest, mascot, firearm, and logo.
crest, arches, shield and supporters.
7. Joseph Cornell was grouped with this art movement that created artworks in a dream-like manner. (1 point)
Abstract Expressionism
8. The artist Frida Kahlo shared which two ancestries? (1 point)
German and Cuban
German and Mexican
Native American and Mexican
French and Cuban
9. An essay or cartoon that focuses on an important issue or opinion is (1 point)
a satire.
an editorial.
a cartoon.
a diamante.
10. The artist Faith Ringgold is famous for combining which two art forms?
(1 point)
Quilting (craft) and painting
Quilting (craft) and sculpting
Photography and painting
Weaving (craft) and sculpting
11. This important national event was occurring during Frida Kahlo’s youth and influenced her work
(1 point)
the American Revolution
the Mexican Revolution
the Iraq War
World War II
12. Another term for assembling
(1 point)
13. The dramatic symbolism and bright colors used in Frida Kahlo’s artwork were elements taken from this culture.
(1 point)
14. This stage in film production is the stage in which editing occurs (1 point)
principle photography
sub-set photography
15. In ancient Rome, war victories were often commemorated by building this type of structure (1 point)
16. A mixedmedia art form in which objects are combined and affixed to a flat painting or drawing (1 point)
17. The artist Michael Naranjo was profoundly impacted by this influence.
(1 point)
his Native Mexican culture
his love for European landscapes
his Native American culture
his love for Southwestern landscapes
18. Many people criticized the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall at first. Which part of the design did people not like? (1 point)
the polished surface
the black color
the inscribed names
the park location
For questions 19–25, select the name of the artist that best matches the description.

19. This Surreal artist had no formal training and is known for his assemblage boxes.
(1 point)
Joseph Cornell
Diego Rivera
Michael Naranjo
Orson Welles
20. This American artist was a member of the abstract expressionists and famous for his action paintings made with drips of paint. (1 point)
Maya Lin
Jackson Pollock
Michael Naranjo
Faith Ringgold
21. This person designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

(1 point)
Faith Ringgold
Maya Lin
Michael Naranjo
Frida Kahlo
22. This artist is known for a vast number of self-portraits and use of light and shadow.

(1 point)
Rembrandt van Rijn
Frida Kahlo
Diego Rivera
Maya Lin
23. This artist’s work often confronted and explored the pain of his or her life. An example of their work is below.

(1 point)
Rembrandt van Rijn
Frida Kahlo
Diego Rivera
Faith Ringgold
24. This artist has created many pieces known as “storyquilts” (1 point)
Frida Kahlo
Diego Rivera
Faith Ringgold
Rembrandt van Rijn
25. This Native American artist “sees” his sculptures with his hands. (1 point)
Faith Ringgold
Maya Lin
Michael Naranjo
Frida Kahlo

Timo answers:

Give me your teachers address, and I’ll send your homework straight round.

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Your Questions About Canvas Paintings

Linda asks…

Canvas paintings?

I just started to do a drawing onto canvas,for painting. The last time I had done a painting on canvas was back in high school (4years ago), just wanted to ask for paintings to slightly contrast in colours is that okay? Or can I change is slightly?

Timo answers:

I’m not sue I get the question.

You can do anything you want.

Chris asks…

Where do you go to make copies of canvas paintings?

My friend has BEAUTIFUL canvas paintings and charcoal drawings that she would like to make copies of to sell (easy money for her and i want a copy!) but she has no idea where to go to get the copies done. Could some one please let me know where to go to make copies? Thanks for any help you can give me!

Timo answers:

She needs to take digital high resolution pictures of her work, either a professional photohrapher or herself would be fine, a good graphic printer can make copies of a good quality to sell but you may have to pay quite a lot for this service and also the printer may require a minimum print run too.

Maria asks…

What is the best way to ship large canvas paintings?

I’m not comfortable removing and rolling the canvas because of the thick paint and some collage techniques. I paint large, mostly up to 48″ x 36″. Can’t pursue online sales without a shipping plan. Make my own box? These are unframed. My studio is cluttered and I need to move some paintings.
Best delivery service? UPS? USPS?

Timo answers:

Call auction houses or museums in the largest city closest to you. They should be able to tell you how to box them.
For large paintings in the range of 4+ feet, You would build a box around the painting with plywood and 2×4’s. The painting would sit between the walls with airspace, and framed within the walls so that it doesn’t move.

Ruth asks…

What sells better, oil painting on canvas or acrylic paintings on canvas?

Can anybody help me with a review on the comparison of canvas paintings between Oil & Acrylic paints?

Timo answers:

C both r good……
But i guess
Oil Painting on canvas………

n image of an acrylic painting on canvas

Carol asks…

I am looking for information concerning oil on canvas paintings by the artist L. Harding.?

I have several original oil on canvas paintings by L.Harding. I bought them between 20 and 30 years ago, in a home party setting. They are one of a kind, normally, with layered oil paint and all of mine are natural scenery. All of my paintings have the Certificates of Authenticity that came with them when purchased.

I am looking for the value of these paintings, and more information about the artist. Thank you!

Timo answers:

Send your question to:
Once you get into the site, look for Arts and Humanities.
Find the artist who could most likely answer your question.
They have different artist’s for different types of art questions
Also send them the photos of the pieces of art you have along with your question.
It may take a couple of days before they get back to you , but they will get back to you . I use them allot and they are very good at what they do and best of all they are free

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Your Questions About High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Carol asks…

Where can I find High Resolution Photoshop Brushes?

Or a directory that will show me a bunch of places I can download high resolution brushes.
I have over 100 great brush sets, but I’m working on wedding albums now and I need some fancy brushes that will hold up at 275 DPI without being all fuzzy.

Timo answers:

Go to

Michael asks…

Website With Free High Resolution Brushes For Gimp Or Photoshop?

Does anyone know some good websites with high resolution brushes for Gimp Or Photoshop? I already know of
Brushes that I can download! Not Picnik!

Timo answers:

I have all of these , I also have a great many of these as well. I use my 32″ screen for my tools and my smaller monitor for the actual editing. The reason I say this is because I have hundreds of brushes and patterns & gradients and textures & & & so having those little tiny boxes takes me forever to scroll through them all.Doing a search for high resolution or vector brushes in Deviant art may help.

James asks…

Anyone know where I can find high resolution brushes for photoshop 7? Mainly looking for swirls and flowers?

I’m trying to make invitations and I would like to “stamp” scroll work onto them like this:

Anyone know where I can find free PS brushes that are compatible with PS7?

Timo answers:

Google “photoshop 7 brush set”

You can make your own brush out of any image. Make it at least 800×800 dpi, or copy/paste or save and open an image you like.

Leave it as it is, or convert it to black and white and adjust the contrast until it looks right.

Go to file>define brush preset

Open up your brushes. The new preset will be the last one. The black/dark areas will be the color you choose, with varying degrees of transparency depending on the shade of darkness. The white area will be clear.

Joseph asks…

how to access these photoshop brushes?

most of them are on deviantart i think. how do i use them in photoshop? how do i get them onto photoshop off the website?

Timo answers:

Click on the ‘Download’ link on the left of the image at Deviant Art. And download the brush file to your computer. (The file should have an extenstion ‘.abr’ and remember where you are saving it on your computer)

Now open up Photoshop and click the brushes icon on the toolbar. On the tool settings above click on the small down arrow next to the brush size. In the tab that opens up click the small arrow key on the right of the brush size and choose the option ‘Load Brushes’. Now choose the file that you have just downloaded and click OK. You will now have the new brushes added to your default Photoshop brushes. Scroll down the brush list to find them.

If you need more help on Photoshop, check out some great tutorials that would help you to begin with:

Linda asks…

Decide the resolution of an image (Photoshop)?

I’m designing a 2000mm x 850mm banner. What resolution should I put for the image file in Photoshop so when I print it, it would come out with high quality and no blurring.
Should I put it exactly 2000mm x 850mm because I think it’s too much, the white jpeg format of it already cost 15MB.
BTW, please give me some thing related to banner designing (my topic is a student club), such as psd files, free brushes, ideas, free banner, gallery, pattern…etc
Thank you so much!

Timo answers:

For most prints, a resolution of 300dpi (along with whatever dimensions gives you your needed size) is good enough.

For banners that are meant to be seen at a distance, you can go lower. If it is just text, you can go even lower.

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