Stock Photo Review: Depositphotos

Depositphotos Review

For the last six months or so I have been using more stock images through the online stock houses to illustrate some of our other magazines.   Another thing I have used online imagery for is for unique stock backgrounds to paint.  It generally is not a big deal to create something quickly but there are times where I just want to cruise some sites and check out images for background purposes, a brainstorming type of activity.  When I find something totally cool that I may have fun with, I might buy it.  Backgrounds and textures are an addiction of mine much like books are; I have far too many to ever make use of but I still collect more.  I shoot textures almost daily and paint backgrounds weekly as well as sell backgrounds and textures so it seems weird that I buy them.  Half the fun though as I mentioned is seeing a large variety of images in one place to get the creative juices flowing.  Sometimes I run into a texture or background that I can use for a totally different purpose than what I was initially looking for like this fractal design that I am going to make a Corel Painter 12 brush from, or the tree frog illustration further below that I can use for the top of my email sign-up form on my Eco Village magazine.

fractal backgrounds(Fractal design background for a Corel Painter 12 brush)

One of the things that I noticed right way as I began researching companies is that there are way more stock photo sites in existence now compared to a few years ago. One of the rising stars that popped up during my research was a company called Depositphotos.   I won’t profess to have done a ton of due diligence on any specific company, them included.  I usually find some things I like about the user interface where I am looking and rock and roll. I am a visual creative and dyslexic so ease of use seems to be a big deal with me.   I like the way things are laid out at Depositphotos and it is intuitive which helps those of us over fifty to feel almost normal when attempting anything new online.

Tree Frog illustration(tree frog illustration I can use on the Eco Village Magazine opt-in form)

Another thing I like is outward communication, that is, the phone number is listed at the top of the home page and there is a chat box as well.  I have underestimated the importance of that for years with our own sites and just recently completely redid the Digital Paint Magazine site to make it more communication friendly.  I haven’t actually called the number at Depositphotos as I have not had a need to but it does add a nice layer of transparency which I like.

Depositphotos boasts 14 and a half million files and nearly one million customers. They have been around since 2008. They have been around long enough to have the bugs worked out of their system and to have a great group of images that don’t break the bank.  Like many other stock image companies Depositphotos has subscription plans or the opportunity to buy credits for less frequent purchasers.  Overall I have enjoyed my perusal of the site and came up with a few new ideas of fun things to create while I was there.  If you find yourself in need of some inspiration or images to paint cruise over and check out Depositphotos Blog  to see what you might come up with.

Royalty Free Stock Photo

12 Sites For FREE High Resolution Photos

Digital Painting Base: 12 Sites For FREE High Resolution Photos

I have friends that make their living as stock photographers so I am sure I will take some heat for this post. As I look at it this is 12 reasons not to be a stock photographer. In the 80’s I sold a lot of stock, it was difficult then to try to stand out from the crowd, now it is virtually impossible.

Like many things in our new digital age much splintering in the market place has occurred so a laser focus in a specialty area is about the only way to survive. There are literally 100’s of thousands of very gifted photographers out there and only a handful are making a living selling stock imagery. The following list is small as there are well over 100 sites that have high resolution photos for free or for very small fees.

The few sites listed are a combination of free and royalty free. Those terms are not interchangeable. Royalty free images may cost money but only once, you don’t need to pay a royalty each time the image is used. Free is no cost. Some images are in the public domain and some are under the creative commons license.

Be sure to check out the terms of use at each of these locations. Click on the text underneath or beside the company logos.

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Free high resolution travel photos