Michael Campbell Digital Painting Tutorial

Michael Campbell Digital Painting Tutorial download page

This tutorial was published in the October of 2011 issue of Digital Paint Magazine.

Download Michaels PDF here

Also be sure and check out the video recording of the step by step webinar. You can find information about using Corel Painter to create this river landscape at Michael Campbell Webinar.


September 2011 Issue of Digital Painting Magazine

In this issue artist Nomi Wagner graces the cover. Nomi was and early adopter to digital painting, an outlier and pioneer. She has a nice tutorial inside as well as in interesting bio. Joan Hamilton outlines how to paint trees with digital watercolor in her True Colors column. This is a nice long step by step tutorial that will help develop some awesome tree painting skills.

Skip Allens Right Click column sports a water color video tutorial. A short explanation and a link takes you to his blog where you can watch the whole video. While you are there you might also check out the rest of his free videos here.

The Blast From the Past column features Painter Heather Michelle. Heather shows us how to paint a ballerina with water color.

I talk about social media in the marketing buzz column and Nadia Lim profiles Manet in the Old Masters area. We also have some awesome events coming up. Two webinars are coming up: Nathan Smith will be teaching us his Photoshop techniques for creating his work and next month Heather Michelle will show us how to paint animal portraits.

Here is the September issue. Enjoy!

As always to view the magazine you can just click on it and it will open up full screen. then you can click to enlarge. You can watch the short video below that will help you with viewing the magazine.

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May Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the May issue for you!

February Open Studio with Karen Bonaker

Join us for another Open Studio at Digital Art Academy as we paint our way through the Italian countryside. The emphasis of this session will be to identify some of the most common composition problems and learn how to correct them. Students will work from reference images provided by your instructor. Students will learn about some of the tools available in Painter that can help you compose a better composition, as well as learn how to make some of your own.

Course Begins: January 29th – Four weeks.

Live Session: Live sessions will be held on Saturday mornings at 9am PST.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced all skill levels welcome.

Digital Painting Open Studio

Week One
Composition-A matter of good color and values.

Focus will be on identifying the components that make up a well composed landscape painting. Some considerations will be placing the focal point, guiding the observer’s eye through the picture to maintain interest, and understanding the importance of good color and values.

Week Two
Editing Your Painting

Students will work on editing in and editing out information from their reference image. It is more than simplification and involves learning to see things differently. Changing angles and looking up or down on the view.

Week Three
Working With Tone and Color

Students will complete several exercises which should help them to understand more about the value of tone in our paintings. Students will paint a landscape which explores the various attributes of adding tone to our paintings.

Week Four
Drawing Exercises-Water

Water is a fascinating subject to paint. This week our painting will concentrate on various techniques to paint water in your landscape painting. Exercises using watercolor, pencils and chalk will be included. Common elements that tend to be left out or ignored will also be explored.

Register for Open Studio

Open Studio Landscape Painting

Session One Classes at Digital Art Academy Starting

Session One Classes at Digital Art Academy Starting

If you have not checked out the classes at Digital Art Academy go now to: Digital Painting Courses

There are a ton of new classes and some of our highest attended classes are being offered again. If you want portrait painting, pet painting, Digital Watercolor, Learning the function of Corel Painter, Artrage, or Photoshop there is something there for you.

Below is a short video sneak peek at the new Composition basics course.

You can check out the classes that are offered at: http://www.digitalartacademy.com/courses/all-courses/