September 2011 Issue of Digital Painting Magazine

In this issue artist Nomi Wagner graces the cover. Nomi was and early adopter to digital painting, an outlier and pioneer. She has a nice tutorial inside as well as in interesting bio. Joan Hamilton outlines how to paint trees with digital watercolor in her True Colors column. This is a nice long step by step tutorial that will help develop some awesome tree painting skills.

Skip Allens Right Click column sports a water color video tutorial. A short explanation and a link takes you to his blog where you can watch the whole video. While you are there you might also check out the rest of his free videos here.

The Blast From the Past column features Painter Heather Michelle. Heather shows us how to paint a ballerina with water color.

I talk about social media in the marketing buzz column and Nadia Lim profiles Manet in the Old Masters area. We also have some awesome events coming up. Two webinars are coming up: Nathan Smith will be teaching us his Photoshop techniques for creating his work and next month Heather Michelle will show us how to paint animal portraits.

Here is the September issue. Enjoy!

As always to view the magazine you can just click on it and it will open up full screen. then you can click to enlarge. You can watch the short video below that will help you with viewing the magazine.

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February 2011 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Hi all! Finally here is the February issue of Digital Paint Magazine. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Digital Painting Master Michael Campbell Webinar

November Digital Painting Webinar Michael Campbell

By now many of you have sampled the monthly webinars we Digital Art Academy and the Magazine host or you were attendees at the Digital Art Summit where we assembled a group of artists in the same month that cranked out webinars for us. These webinars have been AWESOME.

If you missed any of them you can still purchase the downloads by going to webinar area in this blog.

Michael will create a Impressionistic painting of a French River scene by combining a few images in Photoshop then painting in Corel Painter.

Webinar is November 23, 8PM CST

So who is this guy anyway? Well if you have been around very long as a photographer or painter you have heard of him. But just in case here are just a few of the things that Michael has done in his (many) decades as an photographic artist. His

His first experiments with a camera were in his parents bathroom using a home made contact printing frame.

He wrote the official Kodak book on the dye transfer process.

Has learned from people like  Ansel Adams, Paul Caponigro, Bret Weston

First started trying to get a painterly effect back in the 1960’s by hand coloring and tinting

Past Professor at Cal Tech

Past Teacher and Trainer for Kodak

Does some beta testing for Nikon… get the idea.

This webinar is a MUST SEE!


Webinar is November  23, 8PM CST

This Event is Limited to 100 Attendees
Okay, so what do I get?

This webinar includes:

  • Full-one hour live presentation with Michael
  • Q & A session
  • Full chat log download
  • Written or audio answers to the question presented in the Q and A session.
  • Note: If you cant make it to the live presentation you can purchase the download as well through the ONE TIME OFFER which comes up in the payment process.

All of this for $37 bucks, even with the download it is still less than Dinner and movies.

Webinar is November 23, 8PM CST


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What if I cant get to the webinar?

A:You don’t have to be present during the live webinar, it will be recorded. The recording is available for an additional $9.95.  After you purchase you will have the opportunity to select the one time offer which includes the download and a bonus. The download will be available about a week after the live event.

Q: How do I get the link to the webinar?

A: From the mistakes I made during the Digital Art Summit we made some small changes. One of those changes is automating the link process. When you complete the order process a link will be sent directly to you.

September Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Digital Paint Magazine-September

The September issue is finally here. I had major challenges getting this put together this month. Yikes! It is a very nice issue though and well worth the wait.

Be sure to check out the details for the Richard Ramsey webinar and remember registration for Session SIX classes at the Digital Art Academy are under way.

Here is your download.      September Issue.