Digital Art Creation Magazine is Mobile Device Ready

Digital Art Creation is device ready and available again on iPad.

One of the bigger challenges I have had in publishing so far is trying to figure out a way to get the publication available in a variety of mediums.  Being an Apple geek I really wanted to embrace the iTunes store and have the magazine available for iPads from there and for Kindle and other devices through other venues.

When I started first publishing on iTunes I quickly found out that the technical challenges of doing so didn’t align with my vision of how much time it would take.  Worse, there did not seem to be provisions being able to change the frequency of the publication without starting fresh and there was no control over the flow of monies.  I didn’t even have the opportunity to see the list of subscribers, that was a hassle.  One challenge I had was when I wanted to move to a quarterly publication there was no way to change the billing so people were being billed for a publication they were not receiving.  After several bouts of correspondence with Apple this is the final note they sent,

“Please include the line below in follow-up emails for this request.

Follow-up: 263431375


You will need to remove everything off of the iTunes Store. We cannot stop or hold payments.

Kind regards,


Certainly they have been very nice, the challenge is in the sentence “We cannot stop or hold payments.”   I figured I was the only one who could not stop or otherwise hold the payments.  Weird.  So anyway as many of you know I am not a fan of auto-pay systems.  It is just a personal dislike of mine but I don’t have any auto pay subscriptions personally or from any of my products.  I get slammed all of the time from the online marketing community because I am “leaving money on the table.”  True, this publication was never intended to be a device to optimize opportunities to extract cash from its readers.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, we are all business people after all.  It is just that the goals for the magazine never rally were tied to a dollar amount.

So all of that explanation is simply to give some context to the message saying that I am now using HP’s MagCloud application to helpt to make the publication device ready.  MagCloud is pretty cool, we have set the pricing to be one dollar higher than what it will cost to purchase a download from this site.  The difference is that when you buy the download from the MagCloud site you also get access via iPad for that price whereas here you get the download only.  One other point about MagCloud is that you can get a high quality physical printed magazine as well.  It is pretty expensive in my opinion but it does give those that want a physical copy of the magazine the opportunity buy one.  They charge by the page so each month the publication will cost a little bit different based on how many pages there are.

We will still have the magazine downloads listed for sale here on the back issues tab and the read only version is still free.  If you want to purchase a physical copy or a download for your mobile device you can click on the magazine below.

New Publication

By Tim ONeill in Digital Art Creation Magazine

60 pages, published 4/10/2013

The February issue of Digital Art Creation is a special edition dedicated to profiling the artists presenting during the 2013 Digital Art Summit in March of 2013.

Disaster for Digital Paint Magazines COO Norvin Angeles

On a sad note I want to mention that my friend and COO of my company Norvin has been affected by the recent typhoon in the Philippines. While his family all survived his step father was injured and Norvins parents also lost everything. The home where Norvin grew up was washed away. Norvins place is currently still knee high in water. Given my past experience (last year) with flooding most likely he will also have a total loss as well. Many of you know Norvin as he is the tech and email support as well as the one who puts up many of the websites.

My family and I are putting together a fund for Norvin and his family. Everyone has a cause to support and every time we turn around someone is asking for money.

So what we are doing is donating the sales of all of our products and services for the next couple weeks to Norvin. All of our print sales at, and anything from as well as products from our cooking, gardening and homesteading sites which most of you here may not be familiar with. As our dollar is strong yet in his area even the few thousand dollars we might be able to raise will make a difference. My seven-year old daughter Elise is giving some of her Christmas money to them, she loves Norvin and has chatted with him many times via skype.

Here is an excerpt from Norvin, note that while he is dealing with a major disaster that has affected him personally he is conscientious of his commitment to us.

Hi Sir Tim,

Good morning! Sir Tim, thank GOD me and my immediate family are OK. But my step father has a lot of stitches because he was in Cagayan de Oro at that time and the water totally wiped off our house in there. Nothing was left. While here in Iligan (the one I lived in), the water was above knee level almost in the waist. Sadly, in some areas here in Iligan and there in Cagayan de Oro, the water was above a two-storey house. Houses that were not concrete was totally washed out leaving only a knee high mud. It happened really quick sir. The water was rushing and in a few minutes it raised way above the house. It happened Saturday between 1am to 2am where it was totally dark and almost everyone was asleep. I think that was also the reason why a lot of people died (children, females and old ones). Here in our place as 10,000+ families were already affected, 279 were dead and 230 were still missing. I am constantly listening to the radio news. It really was a horrible disaster sir. A lot of retrieved dead bodies were lying on the street.
Yesterday, we went to the evacuation center where there are 600+ families affected including two of my relatives. We gave some relief goods to them but wasn’t able to give enough food because of lack of funds. We also went to the funeral home where some of my friends families were dead.
Due to the increasing number of dead people, all of the funeral homes surrendered to accept anymore bodies (due to lack of coffin and formaldehyde) and the local government just decided a ‘Mass Grave’.
Unfortunately, my internet was gone due to the typhoon. I am now in muffet’s (Editor’s note: his fiance) house where there is an internet connection. Their place were not affected by the flood because its on a higher ground. I called my ISP and they said that it would take 1 week for them to restore the internet connection in my place.
Sir Tim, I hope you understand that in this week, its very difficult to work considering that our place is a mess and no internet connection for 1week. I really want to work soon sir because we need the money to help my family and the people here in my place . But I will still try to work this week despite my situation. I will find a way sir.
Sincerely yours,

If you don’t want any products or prints and still want to give you can send a paypal to me with Norvin in the subject line. All of the money donated (less incoming paypal fees will be sent) We will pay the fees to send it over via xoom. Even a $5 dollar donation will make a difference. If you choose not to send money please send your prayers or a short  note of encouragement via comments here. Bless you for your help.

You can send a paypal to Tim [at] Digital Paint Magazine with “Norvin” in the subject line and we will get the fund to him. We will send a screen shot of the transaction to the emails of all who donate. We are acting as an intermediary for him. We have had employees from the Philippines for the last four years and it is really expensive to use Paypal direct to them. We pay them using a company called Xoom which is much less expensive, it also has a 50$ minimum. By collecting here and sending it once we can make sure more money gets directly to them.

Be Blessed this Christmas! The magazine is only a few days from release.

Following is one vid from you tube talking about the area.

News Article Link


Easter and Birthday 50% OFF Sale

Hi everyone!

We will be having a 24 hour 50% OFF sale to celebrate Easter and the birthdays we have this month.

Any of the items listed below can be purchased for half-off from midnight April 24 to midnight April 25. If you would like more information on a particular product you can visit the sales pages from that product but dont purchase from those pages.

We are not going to set up a special button for the sale. We are slummin it and going to make it very simple as well. Send a paypal for the products you want to purchase to: topimages at

If you dont know how to do that just send me an email and I will send a Paypal invoice out to you. It is very important to put, “EASTER SALE” in the subject line so I dont miss it.

All of the products will be fulfilled Mon and Tues after the holiday. I can only honor the 50% off for orders placed during those 24 hours. If you paid full price for one of these products in the last 30 days email me.
Artistic Impressions DVD series $97

Digital Painting Techniques DVD Series $247
Digital version sales page:

Digital Art Summit Webinar Tim ONeill $47
Download Part ONE-Painting Skin
Download PartTWO-Painting the hair and clothing
Download Part THREE-Painting the Background here
Download Part Four-Dodge Burn here
Also includes the chat transciprt from the webinar and QA session

2010 Digital Art Summit PDF’s 10 $97
Sales  page

Included in these PDF’s are the following artists:
Tim ONeill
Kirk Nelson
Karen Sperling
Heather Michelle
Darrell Chitty
Marco Bucci
Woody Walters
Michael Campbell
There are two video download bonuses just in case you did not get them. They are Daniel Tardent and Skip Allen.
The price is $97. There is 497 pages of information between all of the Artists. Note that this is PDF downloads NOT a physical product shipped to your door.

2009/2010 Digital Paint Magazine Back Issue
14 Issue download, 11 Issues from 2010 and the three issues published in 2009. $57

Mamarazzi Guide to Creativity, Book download version (Amazon at 14.97)

Word Press Video Tutorials $97
47 video tutorials that will tell you how to set up and use word press

Human Planet: Timothy Allen Photography

Here is an incredible slide show that profiles a few images of a one and a half year film and photo project documenting the human plant. The TV program premiered on March 3rd, 2011. If you love beautiful images or travel you will love this short slide show.

Digital Paint on Your Ipad?

Digital Painting on your Ipad, Iphone, Ipod or other hand held device is not new.

 Still cool perhaps but not new. What is new though is a very cool tool that Dwayne Vance of told me about. Dwayne did the webinar yesterday with Digital Art Summit. As we were chatting before the webinar about various business stuff he told me about a new the stylus under development by Don Lehman.

Don is a product designer with a BFA in industrial design from RIT. Fun Stuff. If you ever look at his Curriculum vitae you will see some cool industrial design projects that you might be familiar with.

Specific to the More/Real Stylus cap you can find out about it at one of my new favorite webistes called kickstarter. This site feeds the business geek solo-entrepreneur in me. Here is the exact URL.

If you find value in the product support the start-up and get one of the first models out.