3 Tips to Help Market Your Art With Facebook

Market Your Art on Facebook

I have been reviewing my workflow of my businesses and I have discovered a few things: 1-I work way to much, 2-I don’t paint enough, 3-My creative outlets have taken on more areas that image creation, 4-I need to get back to basics.

So to get back to basics I will begin to paint and write more.  So today I thought I would begin by re-cycling some of the information I have had at art marketing buzz. Since launching the magazine I have not really focused on writing marketing pieces.  For me, writing is an extension of doing or being.  So if I know I am going to write more that means I will begin again to research, try new things, fail and prosper; basically get back to the process of constant re-renewal.  So today we will take a peek at FaceBook.

These four Facebook tips are really simple and effective for helping you meet more people and potentially sell more art.

1-Frequently post new photos and paintings.  This is an area I really need to focus on. The biggest photo sharing website is not Photobucket or Flickr…it is Facebook.  Having a good representation of your digital photography, digital paintings or your traditional media images is a good way draw in some new viewers to your profile.  People on Facebook love beautiful imagery.

Also keep in mind when you upload photos, several thumbnails go into the “newsfeed” of everyone on your friend list as well as on your wall.

The caption on your art is important here. Use your keywords to help name those images when you are using them for web content.

2-Comment on other peoples goodies.  Posting only your own stuff is not cool.  Become a resource for information. You can get hooked up with Google alerts to help keep you informed of a specific topic.  Its easy and free.  Getting involved in discussions and providing information for others will pay big dividends.

3-Leverage your time by Linking Twitter to your Facebook.  You can use a platform such as tweetdeck to make this very simple.  You can download tweetdeck for free at http://wwwtweetdeck.com

4-This is totally cool. You can add the “profile HTML” application to your profile page. What this means for you is that you can add html code into your profile page. Cool.  That means it could be a banner ad or anything using code.  I am going to put an opt-in box for the magazine there.  The only thing to do an opt-in page you need is the code from your chosen auto-responder.

Toyota Rocks with Social Media Madness

Check this out, this was shared on FB from my friend and totally smokin photographers Shane Melenbacker and Sarah Pfeiffer. It made me laugh when I was having a particularly bad evening. I like this so much I am going to have to re-make it to fit us and use it for a Christmas card.


Of particular note is the genius of the creative Ad Agency that Toyota used. This video went viral. Do you think  this may have more impressions to Toyota’s target market than Billboards, news media or other traditional marketing techniques?

7 Steps to Selling Art Online

Daniel Tardent shares tips and 7 Steps to selling art online

Are you like the majority of the artists who experience dismal results with their online marketing? Do work harder put for than ever more effort and are more persistent than ever but you keep getting the same results? No traffic, no sales.

Why is that? If you are like most online entrepreneurs it is because they don’t use a system! Consistent success in any 21st century business requires a systems-based approach – and why should your art business be any different? Selling art online in not easy but…..

Daniel Tardent from Beautiful Artist Websites takes you through a simple yet powerful systems-based approach to successfully market your artist website!

If you need a great website that is easy to optimize for the best search engine traffic check out Daniels website designs and product at Beautiful Artist Websites. If you already have a website and want to implement some of the techniques Daniel shared you can purchase his program here at SEO For Artists.

Note: this link is an affiliate link, which means we will derive some benefit if you decide to utilize the services provided.

United Breaks Guitars, A Lesson in Social Media For Artists

Is Social Media Important to Businesses in the Arts?

Today I had to take my junk PC to the doctor.  I re-booted it so I could get a tad quicker response time while working on a painting.  When I tried to re-start it the overgrown lummox decided to rebel…it would not re-start and thought it funny to throw a FATAL ERROR message up.  No biggie, I was looking for a new doorstop for the studio anyway.  Ok, so I decided to let it live and took it to my good friend Brian who is a PC doc.  When I dropped it off his mom was there and was watching a video on Youtube.  The musicgeek in me liked the video but the business geek in me freaked when I saw it had almost 8 million views.  So I decided I would follow up and write about it.  Here ya go.


Most of you know I live in the great plains, Nebraska to be exact.  Last year I heard some hoopla about a band that was coming here to play.  Seems that they choose to fly United and the ground crew had a blast heaving guitars around.  In the melee they broke a very expensive guitar.  As I heard the story I thought of that awesome scene in Ace Ventura where Jim Carrey is playing soccer with a UPS package.  Anyway, Dave Carroll is the artist that had the unfortunate issues with United.

Dave decided he would keep his viewing audience in the loop of how the whole thing played out in terms of having to deal with a major company and encouraging them to take some responsibility.

Below is the first video.  Check it out and then lets look at some things.

I love this story for a variety of reasons.  First, most of us can relate to it because we all have had something happen with a big company at one time or another.  We all have experienced the arrogance of a company that refuses to hear our issue.  The other thing I love is that there is a underdog component to the whole thing.  I always cheer for the underdog.  Big company vs one person, U.S. Govt. vs. private citizen, all of that is intriguing to us and we tend to root for the little guy.

What I want to point out with this video though is the volume of traffic it has produced.  It went viral.  Between this first vidoe, the other two produced by David Carroll and all of the spin offs it is over 10 MILLION views.  Wow.  That is 10 million votes FOR David and a gaggle of people who empathize with him that most likely wont be traveling United, not to mention they (United) totally look like schmucks.

One of my mentors in marketing is Dan Kennedy.  He calls large corporate structures “big dumb companies”.  I wish I had thought of that because it is true in so many cases.  How hard would it have been to have systems in place that would allow the management on the ground in the location of the incident to make a decision…the right decision?  How much less money would it have cost United?

The point is this, if you are a business owner social media can be your friend or it can really work against you.  What is cool is that social media is the embodiment of capitalism and free enterprise.  As clients we vote with our dollars.  The more we like a companies products or services the more we vote….and talk.  No longer is communication from companies one way.  It is a very distinctive two-way conversation with a client base.  We as clients have a say in the process.  If customer service is an issue and we first try the most amenable and judicious route without success, we now have options that are stronger that a mild passing complaint at a soccer game or bridge party.  Be careful here though because if you don’t personally do the right thing in trying to work out an issue with a company it can make you look like a ding-a-ling.  In other words be fair in your approach and try to get it worked out before you slam someone.  Once it is out there in cyberspace you can’t take it back.

As business owners we have the opportunity to see what people say, unbiased and stripped of sugar coating.  Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it heals because people are people.  Overall though, it gives us the opportunity to discover challenges we might not have known to exist.  Then, we have a chance to fix those issues and move on to the next level.

As a small business owner if you are not involved with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. you should seriously get on board.  The conversation about you is out there, you might as well hear what is being said.

You can hit YouTube and see the other two vids in the series.  David’s career has been positively affected by his brilliant videos and dealing smartly with a big dumb company in the public’s view.

Sell More Digital Paintings With This Marketing Secret

How can you sell more digital art?

Learn reason your prospects whip out there plastic and BUY NOW!

Well we already know that people buy on emotion not logic, at least most people. If you have a prospect that is asking a bunch of technical questions and already knows the stats from Wilhelm Research on  your giclee prints….they MIGHT be a techie that buys on logic. That would be a rarity though.

But what gets the emotional wheels turning in a prospect to start with? Ok, here is the secret. Ready? Your prospects buy from you when they believe doing so will enhance their self image in some way.  It will serve you greatly to see how your product or service can be a vehicle for which your prospects can envision a better self.  Sound hinky right?

You might think its mumbo jumbo but the simple fact is the more you can help your prospects to visualize that expanded sense of self-worth by owning your product, the more sales you’ll make. It’s that simple. You can check out Maxwell Maltz  and his 1960 classic Psycho-Cypernetics or Dr Robert Cialdini and his popular book on persuasion and marketing, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion for an in depth study that will serve your company well.

So how is this done? Well as artist we don’t spend much time on developing sales copy, an USP, an elevator speech or heaven forbid… a scripted sales system. Spending time in this area for most artists is boring. It is critical to your success though.  By properly developing and implementing those three pieces alone you could potentially double your sales in 2010.

We will put together a few articles on how to best accomplish these tasks.