Disaster for Digital Paint Magazines COO Norvin Angeles

On a sad note I want to mention that my friend and COO of my company Norvin has been affected by the recent typhoon in the Philippines. While his family all survived his step father was injured and Norvins parents also lost everything. The home where Norvin grew up was washed away. Norvins place is currently still knee high in water. Given my past experience (last year) with flooding most likely he will also have a total loss as well. Many of you know Norvin as he is the tech and email support as well as the one who puts up many of the websites.

My family and I are putting together a fund for Norvin and his family. Everyone has a cause to support and every time we turn around someone is asking for money.

So what we are doing is donating the sales of all of our products and services for the next couple weeks to Norvin. All of our print sales at timoneillstudio.com, and anything from digitalpaintmagazine.com as well as products from our cooking, gardening and homesteading sites which most of you here may not be familiar with. As our dollar is strong yet in his area even the few thousand dollars we might be able to raise will make a difference. My seven-year old daughter Elise is giving some of her Christmas money to them, she loves Norvin and has chatted with him many times via skype.

Here is an excerpt from Norvin, note that while he is dealing with a major disaster that has affected him personally he is conscientious of his commitment to us.

Hi Sir Tim,

Good morning! Sir Tim, thank GOD me and my immediate family are OK. But my step father has a lot of stitches because he was in Cagayan de Oro at that time and the water totally wiped off our house in there. Nothing was left. While here in Iligan (the one I lived in), the water was above knee level almost in the waist. Sadly, in some areas here in Iligan and there in Cagayan de Oro, the water was above a two-storey house. Houses that were not concrete was totally washed out leaving only a knee high mud. It happened really quick sir. The water was rushing and in a few minutes it raised way above the house. It happened Saturday between 1am to 2am where it was totally dark and almost everyone was asleep. I think that was also the reason why a lot of people died (children, females and old ones). Here in our place as 10,000+ families were already affected, 279 were dead and 230 were still missing. I am constantly listening to the radio news. It really was a horrible disaster sir. A lot of retrieved dead bodies were lying on the street.
Yesterday, we went to the evacuation center where there are 600+ families affected including two of my relatives. We gave some relief goods to them but wasn’t able to give enough food because of lack of funds. We also went to the funeral home where some of my friends families were dead.
Due to the increasing number of dead people, all of the funeral homes surrendered to accept anymore bodies (due to lack of coffin and formaldehyde) and the local government just decided a ‘Mass Grave’.
Unfortunately, my internet was gone due to the typhoon. I am now in muffet’s (Editor’s note: his fiance) house where there is an internet connection. Their place were not affected by the flood because its on a higher ground. I called my ISP and they said that it would take 1 week for them to restore the internet connection in my place.
Sir Tim, I hope you understand that in this week, its very difficult to work considering that our place is a mess and no internet connection for 1week. I really want to work soon sir because we need the money to help my family and the people here in my place . But I will still try to work this week despite my situation. I will find a way sir.
Sincerely yours,

If you don’t want any products or prints and still want to give you can send a paypal to me with Norvin in the subject line. All of the money donated (less incoming paypal fees will be sent) We will pay the fees to send it over via xoom. Even a $5 dollar donation will make a difference. If you choose not to send money please send your prayers or a short  note of encouragement via comments here. Bless you for your help.

You can send a paypal to Tim [at] Digital Paint Magazine with “Norvin” in the subject line and we will get the fund to him. We will send a screen shot of the transaction to the emails of all who donate. We are acting as an intermediary for him. We have had employees from the Philippines for the last four years and it is really expensive to use Paypal direct to them. We pay them using a company called Xoom which is much less expensive, it also has a 50$ minimum. By collecting here and sending it once we can make sure more money gets directly to them.

Be Blessed this Christmas! The magazine is only a few days from release.

Following is one vid from you tube talking about the area.

News Article Link


Michael Campbell Digital Painting Tutorial

Michael Campbell Digital Painting Tutorial download page

This tutorial was published in the October of 2011 issue of Digital Paint Magazine.

Download Michaels PDF here

Also be sure and check out the video recording of the step by step webinar. You can find information about using Corel Painter to create this river landscape at Michael Campbell Webinar.


August 2011 Issue of Digital Painting Magazine

We hope you enjoy the August Issue of Digital Paint Magazine. There are a ton of great articles this month. So you dont miss it one of the announcements is the webinars coming up. Starting Monday August 29th with Marco Bucci! Then we have Nathan Smith in September and Heather Michelle in October. Join us! More information about the digital painting webinars at: http://www.digital-art-summit.com/membership/bucci_webinar_aug2011/

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Three New Digital Art Webinars

We have three new webinars from prominent digital artists. The first is next week with Marco Bucci, the in September we have Nathan Smith and finally in October we have Heather Michelle.

You can purchase the webinars seperately for 47$ or buy all three for $99 dollars. Check out the information on them at: http://www.digital-art-summit.com/membership/bucci_webinar_aug2011/

An Interview with Marilyn Sholin

Marilyn Sholin has been a pioneer in digital paint education and an early adapter not only of using Corel Painter for producing high-end fine art pieces for her clients but in terms of embracing internet technologies and social media for marketing and information. Marilyn is the Founder and owner of the digital Painting forum at digitalpaintingforum.com. Her blog is located at marilynsholin.com. (Editors note: the forum was sold to Digital Paint Magazine in Feb 2011)

DPM-Marilyn there seems to be a huge influx of people who are clamoring for information on how to produce digital art.  Let’s talk about that. Where do you think the buzz is coming from?

Marilyn-I think we have to thank the soccer moms because soccer moms all went out and bought digital cameras.  They learned enough about how to photograph their kids themselves and how to photograph their families. They became photographers with very little education.

So what happened is that now professional photographers are in competition with uneducated photographers working from home. The professional photographers needed to figure out what else they can produce that was unique.  Everyone can use the same framing supplier, the same photographic technique or same Photoshop action.  If you learn to digital paint you can produce a product that no one else can because it’s right from your hand, it’s no longer a click action.I think it’s all these young photographers coming in who are more comfortable with the technology saw that digital painting was a great way for them to go. I’m getting kind of a new mix of people in my in my classes now. One group is the new young photographers and the other is retirees.  Retirees are producing incredible high-quality work after just a few days of training.I think the influx of interest in painter is partly because painter has matured enough to prove its reputation. Its reputation is that it really is the digital arts premiere software for painting.

DPM– Do you see the primary interest from newcomers being selling for profit and a developing a high end product for their studio?

Marilyn– The newcomers want to produce a product they can sell. The retirees want to use it for relaxation or creativity although many of them want to sell online to develop an income from home.

DPM– So in addition to Corel painter which of course is the big daddy, what other software pieces or plug-ins are on the horizon. What else are you using?

Marilyn– First give you let me give you my philosophy on this.  Photoshop developers around version 6 or so really began to develop plug-ins for the software.  Corel painter is a much younger software, maturity-wise it may be around what Photoshop 7 was.  So what is happening is that if you are on a PC any plug-in that you use with Photoshop will work with painter, only on a PC. If you are on a Mac unfortunately that is not the case the plug-ins will only work for you in Photoshop.

Alien skin for example has a plug-in called Snap Art. It is a plug-in that will allow you to use it as a layer for example. I sometimes use it as a texture allowing you to add much more depth to your art. I’m also a big Nik software fan. Color Efex Pro for example is awesome. Sometimes I think I have finished painting and I take it into Nik and start playing with the filters and I find that I have now created much more than just a painting. There is AKVIS sketch that is a terrific sketch tool. There are just so many nice plug-ins it’s hard to keep track of them.


I do have them on my blog at marilynsholin.com. You can hover on the books tab and move down to the software area, many of them even have discounts.


DPM-I generally encourage new painters to study with a variety of people so they can develop their own style taking pieces from many different areas. What is your philosophy on that?

Marilyn-I encourage people to study with as many different painters or instructors as they can’t the same as you would with Photoshop. Each time you take a class with another person you learn something else, a new piece that you can apply to your style. I still study and take classes all the time.  I like online classes. The nice thing about online classes is that if you don’t have the time right then you can download the classes, put them in a folder and revisit when you have the time. I highly recommend online learning.

Digital Art Academy is a great place to go and learn online. Karen Bonaker is a good friend of mine and incredible businesswoman and a really fine artist. You have a choice in digital art academy to learn from multiple people, multiple styles, multiple painters.

I highly recommend online learning .

Each time you take a class with another

Person you learn something else, a new

Piece that you can apply your style.


DPM-Learning online is very inexpensive also. You don’t have to worry about time out of the studio, travel expenses, lodging,  or even food costs so it’s a great way to expand your knowledge and experience of digital painting.

Let’s talk about selling arts online. Are online galleries really a valid viable way of selling art?

Marilyn-Yes.  I know one person who has been selling on eBay for three years. She does small prints, 4×6 or 5 x 7’s and her prices are from $10-$25. She has sold over 4000 prints in the last three years. A great resource if you do want to sell online is emptyeasel.com.

DPM-Sure, Dan’s site. He reviews several different websites like Zatista, Redbubble, Imagekind, and Zazzle and others.

Marilyn– Yes Dan has done the most intense and thorough testing and investigation that I have seen. So in Empty Easel would be one of the best places to start for people to see where they may want to sell their work online.

DPM-One of the other things that’s cool about emptyeasel.com is the huge number of articles specific to search engine optimization. Keyword research is also covered. How to select the proper keywords and various other optimization aspects that will help us be successful with our websites are written about as well.

Let’s segue into talking about the forum. You were the first person to put together a forum specifically for digital painters, at least on the fine arts side. How did that come about and what is the state of the forum today?

Marilyn-I started digital painting forum April 2005. The forum is designed to be totally private so it has a very small annual fee. Artists and photographers that are just learning don’t have to be worried about the forum being searched by clients being able to come see the work in progress.

We went through a lot of growing pains and everything is fine but we decided to change the interface and move to the next level. So we are starting a new website. The website will have video tutorials and is called thedigitalpaintbrush.com. So the forum will be housed inside the digital paint brush. In the new site we will cover everything; plug-ins, painting with Photoshop, painting with illustrator. It’s not just for Corel painter. It is to cover any kind of digital painting. It’ will cover every different type of painting that can be done digitally.

The tutorials are not just from me but from all over the Internet and other people producing them. The new interface is awesome, very clean, very fresh, very new. We will be having a painting contest starting out one time a month. The goal is to move to two times a month after that. Lark books has agreed to donate some very nice gifts and prizes for the contest.

DPM-When will the new website rollout?

Marilyn-The forum should be actively working inside the new software by July and the remaining part of the website should be up shortly after.

DPM-Tell me where our readers can find your workshops.

Marilyn-People can check my website at marilynsholin.com we have the workshops listed on there. We built our own workshop facility in Asheville that can house up to 14 people.

DPM-Are all of your workshops two or three day workshops? Or is there a variety of choices in length as well?

Marilyn-We do two day workshops for beginners. Twice a year in October and May we do a four-day advance painter workshop called the painter blast. Those workshops are intense interactive workshops. You are not just sitting,  we do some photography, we visit galleries and have a blast.

Marilyn Sholin has taken the journey from portrait photographer to  international artist. Her paintings are in collections all over the world and her commissions are always for paintings first and portraits secondary to her artwork.

Her line of City Art stands on it’s own as an international body of work that has been exhibited internationally and sold. She teases the viewer by her use of both digital and natural medias and finishes each painting so it can be produced both as posters or as it’s own original one of a kind canvas. Marilyn’s creativity and dynamic presentations keep her busy speaking and presenting all over the world.

She is one of only 36 Corel Painter Masters in the world, and is recognized as a Master Craftsman by the Professional Photographers of America.

Marilyn is a multi-published author of three books, and has written the forwards for other well known authors. Her newest book “The Art of Digital Photo Painting” is the best selling digital art book on Amazon and is already in the second printing. Her articles have been published in magazines including: Rangefinder, Shutterbug, Studio Photography & Design, Imagine Publishing’s Painter magazine, plus many more.