Your Questions About Adobe Photoshop Trial

George asks…

Who knows where can I download free trial adobe photoshop cs4?

i went to because i want to download the trial.I click the button download but it brought me to fill up notification form.I fill up the form because i think maybe after that,the download will start,but it’s not.I really want the trial adobe photoshop cs4.

Timo answers:

I’m not sure if CS4 is still available on the Adobe website, I believe they replaced it with CS5. But to give it a shot double-check the browser that you are using – I remember having problems downloading it with whatever browser I was using at first, I think Internet Explorer worked in the end. Temporarily turn of pop-ups (that may be why the trial isn’t downloading for you). I downloaded the trial a couple weeks ago when I was on the road with my product keys but no disc from the following location:

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