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Your Questions About Corel Painter Mac

Paul asks…

is corel painter only available for mac? any similar software for windows?

Timo answers:

I don’t think so, it’s also for windows. And yes, there are other similar programs out there that are user friendly and have many features.

Richard asks…

Mac os x, how to Use 30 day trial software forever(Corel Painter IX, etc), is there a trick?

For Other cheaper software , you just delete the plist file in the preferences folder, and then it works again , the 30 days is reseted and you can go on using it forever. But Corel Painter doesn’t seem to work that way. I deleted the plist files and reinstalled the trial and still says the 30 days are over.

Is there any way to use it more?

Timo answers:

They made a file, around 30 days ago… It’s hidden away… And you can’t find it with simple finder searching.

Using unix you can search the whole disk and find the files that were created around that time… And then delete it.

You can create another on the machine … Install it agin for the new user.. And look for the freshly created file… But sometimes that hidden away file is shared for all users!

Maria asks…

Any suggestions for a new tablet to use with Corel painter??

I use a pc not a mac.
My last one, got second hand and the pen stopped working.

Timo answers:

Second-hand Wacom. You may need to replace the tip (‘nib’) but besides that they break really rarely (maybe bad luck?) and new ones cost a lot.

Don’t buy any other brand than Wacom, they all suck.

Chris asks…

What’s Better? Corel Painter Or Photoshop?

I’m just starting college studying Graphic Design and I was going to buy some type of drawing program for my mac, so I am confused on which program to buy for my course, I was thinking about photoshop but corel painter is made for digital art. So which one should I get?

Timo answers: is another FREE program which is similar

Sandra asks…

How many installs can I use with Corel Painter X?

I just bought the full version of Corel Painter X on Ebay. I am itching to use it but hesitant because I’m afraid my computer may not last too much longer. I would just like to know how many computers I can install this product on? I’m currently using a 3 year old Sony Vaio and am hoping to get a Macbook in a few months. Would I be able to uninstall Painter X once I get the MAC and install it again? or am I stuck with only 1 and final installation/activation?
this program is PC/MAC compatible

Timo answers:


You can not install programs for a PC on a mac.

You can un install and reinstall it a million times if you so wish.


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Your Questions About Digital Painting

Sharon asks…

digital painting?

what kind of programs do I need if I want to start digital painting? Corel painter? Photoshop? I just don’t know where to start.

Timo answers:

I highly recommend Corel Painter. This is easy to use for beginners and will give you very professional results too.

Lisa asks…

Digital painting?

I want to start digitally painting. I have no clue what to use or how it works. Can anyone help me? I have heard of photoshop and stuff before but don’t know what it is.

Timo answers:

Photoshop is an awesome program for digital painting, but you need skills, and obviously know how to draw.
What you need to start:
Photoshop or Corel Painter (basically the same)
A Tablet pen (makes your life easier cuz is like traditional painting, but your mouse will do it, just open the bottom thing takt the ball out and clean it, ull notice dust that will interfere with the friction)
And last but not least I recommend you to check out this:

There you’ll find tutorials from digital painting artists, but dont try anything really hard.
Have fun =)
Thats my gallery, I use photoshop

Daniel asks…

What is the best software for digital painting and drawing?

I’m using adobe photoshop 7 but I’m using it mostly for photo editing and for creating simple image and text effects. I can’t seem to digitally paint or draw any image smoothly. Do I just need to have the skills for digital painting and just stick with Adobe Photoshop 7, or is there a better software that is more convenient to use when it comes to digital painting and drawing?
Your suggestions and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Timo answers:

Corel Painter is suposed to be very good for digital painting (rather than manipulation)and its what most digital artists I know use and recomend

but personaly I dont get on with it I find all the bells and whistles distracting, so I use openCanvas, its a cheap little japanese program but its easy to use and I find it gives very good results with my tablet, and for me it works in a similar way to traditional media so its didn’t take me long to learn how to use it

I sugest you try the openCanvas free trial at least, you might be pleasantly suprised

Jenny asks…

What resolution should a digital painting (in dpi) be for printing?

I’m curious what resolution should a digital painting be in DPI (dots per inch) for a good print. I know this varies, but I’m looking for some guidelines.

Timo answers:

Those lug nuts are just guessing. There’s an actual formula to determine the proper dpi: 2 x lpi
lpi is not a typo or substitute for dpi. Lpi is ‘lines per inch’ of your printer. Don’t bother looking for that info online or anywhere else because you’ll never find it. But all consumer level ink jets are set at a standard 100 lpi. So following the formula you should set your dpi at 200. Setting a higher dpi will result in greater sharpness but less tonal ranger. Setting a lower dpi results in less sharpness but greater tonal range.
If you are scanning it gets a little more complicated but it sounds as if you are creating inside the computer. The links that soj_goj gave you are for scanning. Not straight printing. For scans you simply multiply the 2 x lpi x (output size/input size) where output/input is a ratio. E.g. Output=16×20 input=8×10. Ratio=2/1 or just 2. So formula would be 2 x lpi x (2)=400dpi
p.s. If you happen to be using a laser jet they are set around 85 lpi. And if you are having your work professionally printed consut the print shop about their printer’s lpi and go from there.

John asks…

What is a good online resource for learning how to do digital painting?

I have a Wacom tablet, and I want to learn more about specific digital painting techniques. Realism is my preferred style.

Timo answers:

Roberto Campus has set a very interesting tutorial here:

This is his main page:

Its not realistic but still very good.

This is another option but the page haves a lot of ads:

If you go all the way the end of the page you will see the tutorial continues, i found this a little more complicated that the tutorial from Roberto Campus.

Good luck 🙂

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Your Questions About Digital Painting Brush

Joseph asks…

Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 Blending Brush Effect?

I recently switched from Microsoft “Digital Image 2006″ to Corel “Paint Shop Pro Photo X2”. It seems to do most everything MSDI 2006 can do and much more. That said, there is an often used tool in MSDI 2006 called the “Blending Brush” which seems to be lacking in PSPP X2. Basically the tool is similar to a clone brush however the painted images are softer (much less defined) and “blend” with the target area rather than completely replace it. It’s an excellent tool for painting out facial flaws and/or smoothing edges around objects that have been digitally removed from an image. If someone could explain how I would go about emulating this tool in PSPP X2 I’d really appreciate it.

Timo answers:

Sounds like you want to use clone stamp or healing tool, try those to fix blemishes, and check option for pressure and opacity,

George asks…

How to color something and avoid brush/stroke lines?

I want to color a children’s book without having those visible lines when brush strokes overlap. I need to create very even color on large area. If I use paint, I can see brush strokes; if I use markers it leads to disaster especially when coloring large areas (such as sky). How can I color without using heavy paint and make a sky look even, smooth and with no stroke lines? (and without using digital coloring)

Chalk doesn’t seem dense enough and it’s hard to apply around small objects
Watercolor is overlapping
Acrylic and Oil is too thick
Color pencils you can see brush strokes
Markers. ufff looks horrible on a large surface

Please help!

Timo answers:

Well, i’m sorry if you count this as digital coloring, but why don’t you color it with water colors, pencils, anything, then scan it in and blur the color around a bit? To do this neatly you can outline the whole picture with a black pen, then use the MAGIC WAND tool in adobe photoshop (It’s available in the free version, adobe elements too) to select the area before blurring with the blur tool. Good luck 🙂

EDIT: And also, pro markers are AMAZING! They dry perfectly smooth, but they cost quite a bit for a good set.

Laura asks…

Digital drawing program for Macbook?

I want to draw digitally on my laptop, but I can’t find a good program, like something equivalent to paint for windows. GIMP is just not working with my CPU and paintbrush is bad. Suggestions?

Please if avoidable, the spray can effect, where it goes pixel by pixel ever hen your whole brush is over the spot.

Timo answers:

I think the best is Painter from Corel.
Expand your creativity with Painter 11, the most inventive digital painting software on the market.

Get the trial first,
and decide whether you wanna buy it.

Mandy asks…

everyone says im a good artist…?

everyone i know tells me how good i draw or how good my paintings are..
people are always telling me of how good an artist i am gonna be when i grow up,
im only 14 and i know i am pretty handy with a paint brush,
there’s one problem though….


its not that i don’t want to get away from it, its just that i don’t feel good when i paint. and i don’t want to be doing that for the rest of my life.
people are supposed to feel good at the job they do.

so should i stop painting?
I don’t wanna let everyone down.


and i hate digital art

Timo answers:

Painting is grueling work. It can cause a lot of eye strain when you try to produce realistic art. I’ve strained my eyes plenty around your age and earlier, and now I wear glasses/contacts because of painting/drawing. The repetitive motions of holding the brush and painting strokes is not the most exciting part about painting either.

It’s just that the only great rewards of art (or doing art) is seeing your final work and seeing what you find pleasing in your work. While it’s nice that others like your art work, if you don’t particularly feel excited about it, then it won’t be a source of pleasure and joy for you. When I was younger, I won every art show/contest all the way up to junior year in high school (when I really stopped doing it publically). I put in effort with time and produced works, but winning was almost automatic. I felt good about being validated for my talents, but that alone did not carry me through to become some great artist in adulthood. That’s what everyone expected me to become, that is, except for my family. They didn’t support me doing art at all, so it was more like a chore without emotional support from home. Even though others tell you how good you are, it’s your choice what to do with your talent and your life.

Like you, I do not enjoy the process of painting. It’s nice work to see at the end, but I’d do it more frequently if I feel confident that I can sell my paintings at a high price. Otherwise, is it worth the difficult poses, high costs for supplies, and the lengthy time it takes? Organic solvents used in oil paintings are also quite harmful to your health—it is carcinogenic. I would never do oil for that reason. So there are some serious costs to doing art.

You can try graphic design, but that would require you to use digital programs. It’s tough to make ends meet with a raw painting, sketching, or drawing talent. I’ve seen self-employed ads for mural painting, but there is only a very small market for that.

Culinary arts, especially high end dessert art is the most exciting field, in my opinion. You have to be a real artist and be creative to withstand the competition out there. Have you seen the dessert competitions on the Food Network? In order to create masterpieces with chocolate or sugar candy, one has to know the limits of how much a sugar statue can support itself. One time a Japanese team of artists created a beautiful masterpiece with wings and the top third crashed while transporting it, leaving a still decent looking rest of the statue. The French team knew (from a long dessert culinary history of their country) the limits of sugar statue and did not push the design part too hard, creating an elegant piece that wasn’t too tall or big. It was so exciting to watch that. The French and the Japanese teams cried when they won first and second place respectively. Cuisine art is very exciting.

Architectural design is another very excellent option, if you are into buildings. I took an architectural drafting class in my engineering/architecture based high school. It was the best class that taught me careful measurements, use of the T ruler, and practical design. It was demanding and fun. Architecture is like that—half art and half discipline. There is a nice school in NYC called Cooper Union geared toward these disciplines. Check it out on the web….

Ken asks…

I need some help with GIMP for Digital Photography!?

If you turn on the Lock Alpha Channel button, what happens?
You will only be able to make changes in the transparent, or see-through, parts of a layer
You will be unable to make changes to transparent, or see-through, parts of a layer <—
You will be unable to make changes to any part of a layer
A colored background appears behind your image

2. After you select a section of an image and copy it, you can use the _________ to paint with that image as a brush.
Clipboard Brush
Paintbrush Tool <—
Bucket Fill Tool
Rectangle Select Tool

3. If you have a floating layer in your project, you will be unable to ___________________. Open images
Use the Toolbox
Create a new layer <—
Make changes to other layers

4. Filters are ______________.
Visual effects you can apply to your image <—
Floating selection layers
Ways to eliminate extra content from your image
A resizing tool

5. On the color wheel, where are complementary colors?
Next to each other
Near each other but not next to each other
In the center
Across from each other <—

I chose those answers, and I got 3 out of 5 right, but I can't figure out which ones I got wrong. Any help?

Timo answers:

Your answers to 1, 4, and 5 are correct.

The answer for 2 is “Clipboard Brush”.

The answer for 3 is “Make changes to other layers”.


Re: #5 –

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May Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the May issue for you!

Your Questions About High Res Photos Free

Daniel asks…

High Res Nascar Stock Photography?

Can anyone find me a site with plenty of high res Nascar photos – royalty-free, of course.

Thanks 🙂

Timo answers:

Nope, get a press pass and get them yourself!!!

Helen asks…

I’m looking for photos of U of K vs. Louisville basketball games (playing each other). Where can I find them?

I’m looking for highres photos for purchase, but preferably free. Anyone know of any terrific fan sites or quick ways to get the photos?
Aside from google images.

Anyway, I’ve finally found images on GettyImages. Thanks anyway!

Timo answers:

I’d check or, click athletics, then see if you can order pictures through there.

Good luck!

John asks…

Where to buy stock photos online for use in design?

I’m the graphic designer and marketing director where I work. We currently use iStock Photo, but my employer is sick of such high prices for stock photos. I agree that iStock is really expensive, (even if the quality and selection are amazing). I like Shutterstock too, but again can’t seem to justify the cost no matter how hard I try to convince my boss.

Can anyone recommend any other sites? I’m trying to find a decent place where we can pay in CDN funds. I’m sick of using low res free stock photos I find elsewhere.

Timo answers:

My favorite stock photo website is

Here is where you can find some other inexpensive stock photo directories:

Another site list can be found here:


Chris asks…

Where can I find a free stock photo of Pegasus?

Highres, if possible.

Timo answers:

You want to buy a photo you can get for free in any search engine?
Anyways I found a whole lot on

James asks…

Which picture sharing service should I use (See Details)?

Here’s what I want it to have:
-Keep photos in high res
-Allows people to vote on photos within an album
-Allows people to comment on photos
-Lots of space


Timo answers:

Go for Microsoft Skydrive or spaces.

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