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2011 Super Bowl HALF OFF Sale

Super Bowl Half Off Sale
by Tim ONeill

Hello Everyone!

I have a few quick things for you. First, although I am not a huge football fan, I know many folks are. Today is a big day. The Superbowl is an incredible venue for sports and even though I really dont watch the game I almost always tune in for the famous Super Bowl Ads. Good Stuff!

This year what we are doing is having a HALF-OFF sale at half time. The sale will only last for the half time. After that it is gone.

As I didn’t have time to set up anything automated this is how it will work. Send me an Email to:

with SUPER BOWL SALE in the subject line during the time that the half time show is on and let me now what you would like. Then send a PAYPAL to and


Here are all of the products that will be included.
Artistic Impressions DVD series $97

Digital Painting Techniques DVD Series $247
Digital version

Digital Art Summit Webinar Tim ONeill $47
Impressionistic Painting Webinar, includes some background painting technique. Over 1 hour.

2010 Digital Art Summit Bundle/ Video downloads and book (PDF) $247

2010 Digital Art Summit PDF’s 10 $97
Tim ONeill-Kirk Nelson-Karen Sperling-Heather Michelle-Darrell Chitty-Marco Bucci-Woody Walters-Michael Campbell
Bonuses: Skip Allen-Daniel Tardent

2009/2010 Digital Paint Magazine Back Issue download bundle 11 Issues from 2010 and the three issues published in 2009. $57

Mamarazzi Guide to Creativity, Book download version (Amazon at 14.97)

Mamarazzi Guide to Facebook (23 FB Videos)
Mamarazzi Guide to Facebook Ads, Ebook and audio program (Bundle $77)

Mamarazzi Guide to Marketing: Internet Success $37

Mamarazzi Guide to Email Listbuilding $37
Mamarazzi Guide To Email Delivery $37
Mamarazzi Guide to Email Profits $37 Bundle $97

All of the products are downloads, no physical product. Some of these have download pages done, others do not. My team will fulfill these next week. NOTE: Don’t use the buy buttons on the pages, email me.


Tim ONeill

PS-We also have the complimentary 3 month membership open at the Well it cost a buck to keep the spammers out.