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February Open Studio with Karen Bonaker

Join us for another Open Studio at Digital Art Academy as we paint our way through the Italian countryside. The emphasis of this session will be to identify some of the most common composition problems and learn how to correct them. Students will work from reference images provided by your instructor. Students will learn about some of the tools available in Painter that can help you compose a better composition, as well as learn how to make some of your own.

Course Begins: January 29th – Four weeks.

Live Session: Live sessions will be held on Saturday mornings at 9am PST.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced all skill levels welcome.

Digital Painting Open Studio

Week One
Composition-A matter of good color and values.

Focus will be on identifying the components that make up a well composed landscape painting. Some considerations will be placing the focal point, guiding the observer’s eye through the picture to maintain interest, and understanding the importance of good color and values.

Week Two
Editing Your Painting

Students will work on editing in and editing out information from their reference image. It is more than simplification and involves learning to see things differently. Changing angles and looking up or down on the view.

Week Three
Working With Tone and Color

Students will complete several exercises which should help them to understand more about the value of tone in our paintings. Students will paint a landscape which explores the various attributes of adding tone to our paintings.

Week Four
Drawing Exercises-Water

Water is a fascinating subject to paint. This week our painting will concentrate on various techniques to paint water in your landscape painting. Exercises using watercolor, pencils and chalk will be included. Common elements that tend to be left out or ignored will also be explored.

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Open Studio Landscape Painting

Infrared Imaging Webinar!

Infrared Photography


Postponed Until Feb

Infrared Photography

This webinar introduces you to shooting infrared images using digital and film cameras.

Infrared photography is a beautiful, yet different way of seeing the world using a part of the light spectrum that our eyes are not sensitive to, but digital cameras are.

It results is a stunningly different look to landscape and people photography.

Infrared Image Wayne Cosshal

Topics covered include:

    What is infrared and why is it interesting
    How digital cameras work with infrared
    Converted vs normal digital cameras for infrared
    Photoshop handling of infrared images

It takes you through what you need to get started and guides your experimentation in infrared.

About your presenter Wayne Cosshal.

Wayne J. Cosshall is the publisher of Digital ImageMaker International (, Photography Wisdom in book (Amazon) and app for iPad forms and involved in a number of other Internet publishing ventures. He exhibits his digital and photographic art nationally and internationally.

Wayne has been a teacher, educator and communicator all his adult life. He started his university teaching career whilst still an undergraduate student himself. He created his first computer graphics image in 1979, built his first computer in 1980 and constructed his first digital camera in 1986.

He cut his teeth on photography as a child doing astrophotography, hooking cameras up to the telescopes he had and built. This grew into a general interest in photography and art. He has exhibited his photography and digital art (predominantly mathematical and fractal imagery, up until quite recently) in group and solo shows within Australia, including invitational survey shows, and internationally. He was Assistant Director of the prestigious International Digital Art Awards for 5 years and has curated several major exhibitions.

Wayne works in series. His two great imaging passions are infrared photography and digital collage. A number of recent infrared series includes “Better to be a wolf than a sheep”, “Mullock heaps of central Victoria”, “Infrared panoramas” and “The rural landscape”. He is working on a substantial collage series called “Road to Elysium” that delves into the esoteric and another series interpreting the Kabbalah through imagery.

Wayne Cosshal

This will be structured like the bulk of our webinars. You will receive a live seat and the download. The webinar is scheduled for:

Coming In February