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7 Steps to Selling Art Online

Daniel Tardent shares tips and 7 Steps to selling art online

Are you like the majority of the artists who experience dismal results with their online marketing? Do work harder put for than ever more effort and are more persistent than ever but you keep getting the same results? No traffic, no sales.

Why is that? If you are like most online entrepreneurs it is because they don’t use a system! Consistent success in any 21st century business requires a systems-based approach – and why should your art business be any different? Selling art online in not easy but…..

Daniel Tardent from Beautiful Artist Websites takes you through a simple yet powerful systems-based approach to successfully market your artist website!

If you need a great website that is easy to optimize for the best search engine traffic check out Daniels website designs and product at Beautiful Artist Websites. If you already have a website and want to implement some of the techniques Daniel shared you can purchase his program here at SEO For Artists.

Note: this link is an affiliate link, which means we will derive some benefit if you decide to utilize the services provided.

Learn Digital Print Embellishment

Learn Digital Print Embellishment at the Digital Art Academy

Are you a beginner in painting? Want to add a new dimension to your artwork? Want to find the perfect tutorial that will teach you how to paint even in your home?

Then, you don’t have to worry anymore because in this course you can use the techniques of traditional art with a digital print using acrylic gels and paints.

One of the fastest growing movements in the digital art world is the embellishment of digital prints, using acrylic gels and paints. Embellishment can add a new dimension to your artwork, combining some of the techniques of traditional art with a digital print.

In the Digital Print Embellishment course, you will learn how to turn your digital print into a one of a kind work of art with added texture and color. You will see what a difference adding painted highlights, coloring shadows, or simply adding texture with gels can make. You will be amazed by the tremendous differences between the look and feel of thick, rich acrylics and oils applied with brushes and palette knives in comparison to the flatness of artificial brush strokes and replicated texture effects rendered with Photoshop or Corel Painter and presented on inkjet printed canvas. There’s just no comparison. Many say that the term “embellishment” is “The act of decorating something in the hope of making it more attractive”. Conceptually it’s like having a baked cake (referred to as the inkjet print) and applying some frosting and decorations to give it more appeal in terms of flavor and appearance.

Curious? Then, enroll in the Digital Print Embellishment class that is offered by the Digital Art Academy. This class will get you away from the computer monitor, and get your hands messy! No previous traditional art experience is required – the process is easier than you might think.

The course will include lessons on sealing your digital print, choosing brushes, acrylic gels and paints, embellishing with gel and paint, and finishing off your print. Included in the course is close to 90 minutes of video from the DVD “Finishings – A Basic Guide to Digital Print Embellishment”, along with a written lesson and supplemental files (such as using markers in embellishment) for each week.

You will learn a lot! You will enjoy with your new knowledge that you can improve drastically. You will have the chance to be the artist that you wish you will become. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll, learn, and enjoy!

Painting the Modern Day Sargent

“His strokes are laid down perfectly, his colors are always harmonious…his subjects look like they are still breathing. The flawless strokes that seem so effortless are his trademark.” This is the style of the painter John Singer Sargent. He is well-known for his style that many modern artists want to be like him.

John Singer Sargent is a master in painting and when you look at his work, you could be disheartened because you think you couldn’t be like him. Sometimes, you think that you will just be an ordinary painter that can never master the art of painting. But, you don’t need to worry that much because it will come if you have the same sort of determination to learn and improve your art like what Sargent had.

How to improve your painting? You don’t need to seek everywhere to find it because you just need an interest, passion, determination, and of course an internet connection. You can study online, be taught online, and learn online about his techniques. You could then paint be the modern day Sargent.

A course in Digital Art Academy in titled “Old Masters Style Painting” will help you be the painter you would like to be. They have videos, manual, prospectus, training, assignments, and other materials you will need in order to learn this. Digital Art Academy would be like a normal academy but online thus giving you time to study and practice in the comfort of your home. This course would teach you how to utilize Corel Painter’s powerful brush engine, and accurate cloning features to transform a photograph into a breath taking masterpiece reminiscent of John Singer Sargent.

If you want to know the things that are taught in this course, you can look at the course prospectus and be amazed on the superb information and learning that you can get. This is not just any other online classes because this class is divided into weeks. You also get to ask your instructor on any queries you may have. You see, you don’t really need to search everywhere and look for references on how to paint like John Singer Sargent because everything would be taught to you here. You can get the best training in Digital Art Academy.

Examples of the paintings that you too can paint are:

Grandpa Elliot Sings The Blues

Grandpa Elliott Sugar Sweet

I know most people have seen bits and pieces of Playing For Change. The first time I saw one of the videos I loved the idea and also appreciated the high quality execution of the mix. I am not sure which of the songs I heard first but I quickly became a raving fan. Grandpa Elliot is one of my all time favorite musicians, I love his music. Enjoy the vids and be sure to check out the Playing for Change Website.

Stand By Me

Playing for change Band-A Change is Gonna Come

One Love Playing for Change

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