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Summer Digital Art Summit

Digital Art Summit is going live next week

What the heck is the Digital Art Summit? Great question, a few days ago I was not sure either. Here is the what and why of the summit.

I was trying to find ways to bridge the summer gap at Digital Art Academy. Classes are finishing up tomorrow from this session and the new session doesn’t start until the end of August. That seems like a long time, for an ADD guy that is like a lifetime.

My friend and the founder of Digital Art Academy Karen Bonaker suggested putting together some webinars. That got me thinking, dangerous I know but it happens on rare occasions. Who haven’t I heard from in awhile? Who have I been talking to recently? Who would other digital artists like to hear from? I began compiling a list and making phone calls to stir the pot. The overall call or email post was something like this, “Hey Jeremy this is Tim, I am putting together some webinars this summer would you have any interest in teaching?”

A bunch of people said yes I would love to but I am booked, another bunch of people said shoot yes I am in. On a few rare occasions I still have not heard because of vacations or other stuff. The bottom line is we have an incredible line up of people lined up to share their digital painting prowess via webinar with you. Some FREE and others very inexpensive.

Odwin Rensen Digital Painting

It all starts July 22nd with a FREE webinar from Kirk Nelson. You will learn about the new painting features in CS5. How cool is that?

I wont spill all the beans yet because details and behind the scenes planning are happening as we speak. Some other speakers that you may hear from are….drum roll please……..Odwin Rensen, Darrell Chitty, Heather Michelle, Karen Sperling, Woody Walters, Michael Campbell and yours truly. That is not all though. There are more invites out there, pending. People you know and some you may not know. One thing for sure…you don’t want to miss this.

As I mentioned some webinars are free and the other pricing information will be forthcoming. You can find out through various social media sites or this blog. The best and quickest way to keep a eye peeled is to be on the list. If you have already filled out the form for Digital Paint Magazine you are good to go. Early notification will go to that list first, about 12 hours before the blog post hits. The reason that is important is that we are limited to 100 people on each webinar. Some will definitely sell out.

See ya in a few!

Grunge Text Tutorial Effects

Some Tutorial Effects Are Simple, Grunge Type Is One Of The Easy Ones!

Following is a short video that will show you one quick and easy method to come up with some cool looking grunge type.

This video is available for streaming only. Book mark us to come back often and if you like the post share it via tweet or bookmarks. Also be sure and comment, I would be interested in hearing what tutorial effects or other info you might want to see.

Phoshop Elements 8 Class

Photoshop Elements 8 – Intro, Quick Fix, Guided Edit

New class at Digital Art Academy to be taught by Melinda Hartong!

Learn Photoshop Elements 8
Photoshop Elements – jump in and get your feet wet. This “little sister” version of big brother Photoshop has TONS of hidden tricks up her sleeve. In this class, we’ll cover getting started with Quick as well as Guided Edit options.

Never fear, there are a TON of things you can do with this inexpensive photo editing software you never thought possible!
Super-duper possibilities:
•shortcut keys to save you time & effort
•Correct color – fix wrong color balance & skin tones
•Correct contrast – save highlight & shadow details!
•Make Blue skies & colors pop
•Remove Red Eyes, touching up blemishes
•Critical info on saving your photos!
•Sharpening – overdoing it is easy. Subtle is key!
•quick selection tool – breaking it down!
•recompose tool & scene cleaner –

•Web photo galleries

These will totally knock your socks off! So worth the price of admission! Learn Photoshop Elements here.

Write For Digital Paint Magazine Blog

Write For Digital Paint Magazine Blog

  • Are you a digital artist with a tip or technique to share?
  • Do you want a place to display and talk about some of your best digital paintings or other digital creations?
  • Are you interested in helping thousands of other aspiring or professional artists to improve their digital art techniques?
  • Do you have a review of a book, workshop, software product, art supplies, training DVD’s  or other piece of digital art gear?

If so we’d love to feature your digital art tips here at Digital Paint Magazine.

What are we looking for?

  • We accept tips and tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced digital artists.
  • We are looking for tips on everything and anything related to digital painting.
  • We’d love your tip to include an original photo (at least one) that illustrates what you’re writing about and if it is a painting technique a few images of the process as well as an ending pic.
  • We’d love your tip to be a minimum of 300 words long.
  • We give you a byline and include a link back to your blogs, website, zazzle, redbubble,   flickr account,  studio site or wherever you have a web presence, in return for your tip or tutorial
  • Submissions need to be original content that has not (and will not) been published elsewhere online and you need to be willing for us to use them on this site indefinitely

How to Submit a Tip

Email it to us – submit your tips or tutorial ideas via email on our contact page. This is the best option if you’re wanting to do a longer more in depth tutorial – just email us with the idea for the article and we’ll be in touch as to whether we think we can use it or not on the blog.

Please note: While we’d love to use everyone’s submissions we cannot guarantee to do so. We want to keep the quality top notch so if you’re unsure on whether a tip will be suitable for the site and want to check please feel free to contact us with the idea or even the first paragraph or two and we’ll let you know if we think we can use it.