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Photoshop Video Tutorial: Making a Signature Brush

Here is a fun photoshop Video tutorial on how to make a signature brush.

There are a number of different ways to use this brush. As you will see in the tut, I used type. You could just as easily use your stylus and sign your name, then turn that into a brush so you have a consistent signature for your digital art creations with just one click. Let me know how you use this and what you think.

Signature Brush tutorial


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United Breaks Guitars, A Lesson in Social Media For Artists

Is Social Media Important to Businesses in the Arts?

Today I had to take my junk PC to the doctor.  I re-booted it so I could get a tad quicker response time while working on a painting.  When I tried to re-start it the overgrown lummox decided to rebel…it would not re-start and thought it funny to throw a FATAL ERROR message up.  No biggie, I was looking for a new doorstop for the studio anyway.  Ok, so I decided to let it live and took it to my good friend Brian who is a PC doc.  When I dropped it off his mom was there and was watching a video on Youtube.  The musicgeek in me liked the video but the business geek in me freaked when I saw it had almost 8 million views.  So I decided I would follow up and write about it.  Here ya go.


Most of you know I live in the great plains, Nebraska to be exact.  Last year I heard some hoopla about a band that was coming here to play.  Seems that they choose to fly United and the ground crew had a blast heaving guitars around.  In the melee they broke a very expensive guitar.  As I heard the story I thought of that awesome scene in Ace Ventura where Jim Carrey is playing soccer with a UPS package.  Anyway, Dave Carroll is the artist that had the unfortunate issues with United.

Dave decided he would keep his viewing audience in the loop of how the whole thing played out in terms of having to deal with a major company and encouraging them to take some responsibility.

Below is the first video.  Check it out and then lets look at some things.

I love this story for a variety of reasons.  First, most of us can relate to it because we all have had something happen with a big company at one time or another.  We all have experienced the arrogance of a company that refuses to hear our issue.  The other thing I love is that there is a underdog component to the whole thing.  I always cheer for the underdog.  Big company vs one person, U.S. Govt. vs. private citizen, all of that is intriguing to us and we tend to root for the little guy.

What I want to point out with this video though is the volume of traffic it has produced.  It went viral.  Between this first vidoe, the other two produced by David Carroll and all of the spin offs it is over 10 MILLION views.  Wow.  That is 10 million votes FOR David and a gaggle of people who empathize with him that most likely wont be traveling United, not to mention they (United) totally look like schmucks.

One of my mentors in marketing is Dan Kennedy.  He calls large corporate structures “big dumb companies”.  I wish I had thought of that because it is true in so many cases.  How hard would it have been to have systems in place that would allow the management on the ground in the location of the incident to make a decision…the right decision?  How much less money would it have cost United?

The point is this, if you are a business owner social media can be your friend or it can really work against you.  What is cool is that social media is the embodiment of capitalism and free enterprise.  As clients we vote with our dollars.  The more we like a companies products or services the more we vote….and talk.  No longer is communication from companies one way.  It is a very distinctive two-way conversation with a client base.  We as clients have a say in the process.  If customer service is an issue and we first try the most amenable and judicious route without success, we now have options that are stronger that a mild passing complaint at a soccer game or bridge party.  Be careful here though because if you don’t personally do the right thing in trying to work out an issue with a company it can make you look like a ding-a-ling.  In other words be fair in your approach and try to get it worked out before you slam someone.  Once it is out there in cyberspace you can’t take it back.

As business owners we have the opportunity to see what people say, unbiased and stripped of sugar coating.  Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it heals because people are people.  Overall though, it gives us the opportunity to discover challenges we might not have known to exist.  Then, we have a chance to fix those issues and move on to the next level.

As a small business owner if you are not involved with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. you should seriously get on board.  The conversation about you is out there, you might as well hear what is being said.

You can hit YouTube and see the other two vids in the series.  David’s career has been positively affected by his brilliant videos and dealing smartly with a big dumb company in the public’s view.

Corel Painter Brushes Webinar With John Derry

Corel Painter Brushes Webinar With John Derry will sell out.

I just put a blurb on the sign-up page for Johns Webinar. I host these webinars on GoToWebinar. The fees associated with this platform can be paid monthly or annually. The subscription we currently use at Digital Paint Magazine I pay monthly. It used to be 99 dollars a month for up to 500 lines on a webinar. Now it is 399 for 500 lines. The next break is at 100 lines and that is 99 a month.

So I obviously choose to downgrade our subscription. That means we have only 100 lines for this webinar. Over 75 are already gone. What we will do is give anyone that signs up BEFORE the webinar the download and brushes for 25.00 (but there are only 100 lines). So if we have 150 people sign up before the event we will give the seats to the first 100 and the remaining 50 will get the download and brushes for the 25 price.

After the event the brushes and download will be 30.00. You can sign up here: Corel Painter Brushes Webinar

Adobe Photoshop Cook

Adobe Photoshop Cook Video

Elaina presented this on the painter talk forum. I thought it was awesome so I looked it up on Youtube and grabbed the embed code.

This was a video made in stopmotion for competition AdobeYouGC.
The simulation of a tutorial which shows how to make the lovely butter cookies with the new Adobe Photoshop Cook!
Whole set was made with cardboard and with kitchen utensils. I was not able to find the artist. If anyone knows the artist shoot me an email, it would sure be nice to give proper attribution.