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Digital Paint Magazine Contributor Ann Roberts

Ann Roberts

Digital Artist Ann roberts

Digital Artist Ann Roberts

Ann generously provides her time with some writing, editing and proofreading.

Ann L. Roberts

I was born in a small country community in Yazoo County, MS a long time ago.  I finished high school and went to work as bookkeeper/secretary for a chain of 4 stores and from there went to work for a major railroad as an agent/operator and worked there until my retirement at 20 years.  Most of my working years were in New Orleans, LA.

I was always interested in art, writing and music and have had them in my life since childhood in one form or the other.

My first encounter with computers was while working for the railroad and from there to a personal computer.  When I discovered Corel Painter and AdobePhotoshop I set out to learn them and took classes all over the Internet to gain more understanding of these two magnificent programs.

My college education consisted of two years while working but I always took night courses and correspondence courses through the years.  At one point I became interested in law and could have passed the bar in Mississippi but they changed the rules on it and required a degree from a university just as I felt I was ready for the challenge.

I was a member of Mensa for a long time but stopped paying the dues when I got too involved with my husband’s music to go to the meetings.  We ran a successful music production company after our retirement from other jobs.  He was a musician all his life and I did the booking, and mastered the tapes and did the graphics for them.

My uncle left me a small town newspaper but I sold it due to time constraints.

Mexico Two Digital Painting

Mexico Two Digital Painting

Akiane Painting Portraits

Akiane Painting Portraits

Many of you have heard of child prodigy poet and artist Akiane.  I am surprised that I have not heard of her before today. She is incredible! My sister sent me a you tube video and I was blown away. After watching the first vid I spent a few hours researching her and included a few more vids here. You can see her gallery and website at

You really should check out her site which also includes her books and poetry and some more videos as well.

Digital Painting Workshop DVD Beta

Digital Painting Workshop, Artistic Impressions DVD download

DVD download from the Artistic Impression workshop series now available.

My procrastination will save you money!

I have made available the training materials from my Artistic Impressions workshop. These DVD’s were originally sold out. I had so many people asking about them I decided to bring them back as downloads.  What caused me to initially sell them is explained below.


I did a workshop at the beginning of the year and ordered more product for the attendees. I needed  the products to ship expedited because I waited for a day to long to order them (imagine that).

When I ordered that batch I did not have expedited shipping checked which meant they went media mail, meaning I would not have them before the workshop. I use automated order and shipping so I could not call an operator to change the way they were shipped. So….I had to re-order for the workshop using overnight shipping. I actually forgot about the duplicate order until the first batch came in via media mail AFTER the workshops were done.


There is no longer a specific number of the product remaining as I have decided to keep them in production as downloads.  Here is what you will get.

1-CD DOWNLOAD with  folders containing,

  • textures
  • Photoshop Brushes
  • Tims Faves Corel Painter Brushes
  • Photoshop Actions
  • Resource PSD files
  • Folders to put notes
  • Folders to put your working files
  • Artistic Impressions 40 page Workbook
  • 2 Bonus books from Tim ONeill

1-DVD DOWNLOAD with 8 videos

  • Custom Palettes
  • Interpretation
  • Adding Color
  • Painting Image
  • Fusion/Muck
  • Transpiration/Emerge
  • Saturation
  • Texture
  • Tim showcase

These  are  a beta version. No fancy titles and graphics at the beginning of the videos. The workbook is continuously updated.

Price is normally 127.00, buy now for …..97$  each set.

These are downloads.

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January 2010 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

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Talented Digital Artist Karen Bonaker and Tim Shelbourne to Collaborate With DPM

Top Digital Art Talent to Collaborate with Digital Paint Magazine

Who hoo! How is this for some great news? Along with the changes in design and direction we will have more people bringing you more great content. Digital Art Academy founder and instructor Karen Bonaker, and many-times-published author and educator,  Tim Shelbourne will be blessing us with their talent in 2010.

I will give you a snippet from a bio of Karen and present one from Tim down the road. You are going to love this stuff!

Karen Bonaker Joins the Team at Digital Paint Magazine.

Many of you already know Karen Bonaker. Karen has enjoyed painting since childhood. She painted on anything and everything including the walls of her home.   Karens mother was an artist and provided this young creative with a wall in her room to express herself. How cool is that?

Formal training came from her local college with an emphasis on color and design. Ten years ago Karen discovered the Painter software program and has since been creating art using a Wacom tablet and stylus.

Utilizing the formal training from college is beneficial as the principles of composition, color and design are the same in the digital world as they are with traditional media.

The Digital Art Expo in New York has shown one of Karen’s digital paintings. She has been a regular contributor to Corel Painter Magazine, served on the Beta Team for Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Corel Painter 11 as well as serving on the Corel Advisory Board.

Karen founded the Digital Art Academy. The Digital Art Academy is a venue for individuals to develop their own talents and gifts specific to drawing and painting.  She is a veteran of online training and is an instructor at the Academy.