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Sell More Digital Paintings With This Marketing Secret

How can you sell more digital art?

Learn reason your prospects whip out there plastic and BUY NOW!

Well we already know that people buy on emotion not logic, at least most people. If you have a prospect that is asking a bunch of technical questions and already knows the stats from Wilhelm Research on  your giclee prints….they MIGHT be a techie that buys on logic. That would be a rarity though.

But what gets the emotional wheels turning in a prospect to start with? Ok, here is the secret. Ready? Your prospects buy from you when they believe doing so will enhance their self image in some way.  It will serve you greatly to see how your product or service can be a vehicle for which your prospects can envision a better self.  Sound hinky right?

You might think its mumbo jumbo but the simple fact is the more you can help your prospects to visualize that expanded sense of self-worth by owning your product, the more sales you’ll make. It’s that simple. You can check out Maxwell Maltz  and his 1960 classic Psycho-Cypernetics or Dr Robert Cialdini and his popular book on persuasion and marketing, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion for an in depth study that will serve your company well.

So how is this done? Well as artist we don’t spend much time on developing sales copy, an USP, an elevator speech or heaven forbid… a scripted sales system. Spending time in this area for most artists is boring. It is critical to your success though.  By properly developing and implementing those three pieces alone you could potentially double your sales in 2010.

We will put together a few articles on how to best accomplish these tasks.

December Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is the link for the December issue of Digital Paint Magazine.

Digital Painting Success in 2010

Digital Painting Success in 2010, 3 Must Have Elements

I just got back from Denver. While digital painting was not possible, a nice drive and 4 hours each way was  spent on business reflection and planning for next year.

With my digital recorder at my side I compiled a ton of notes. Here are some of the things I reflected on from this year and some thoughts regarding next year. Surprisingly, there is not much here specific to learning more digital painting or digital art technique. (Could I be shooting myself in the foot by saying that?)

1-The successful businesses from 2009 had a few things in common; trust (garnered from transparency), a mindset of abundance as opposed to scarcity, a long term plan, and personal branding. A few companies and brands throughout the year abused our trust. Will they recover? Perhaps, but certainly the doors have opened in a few cases for new players to grab some market share.

2-Businesses that seemed to grow in 2009 were focused on problem solving, companies that provided real solutions to very real issues in their area of expertise.  By establishing an answer-centric business model, growth companies remained connected with their client and prospect base in meaningful ways instead of focusing on sucking money out of ones pocket. Those companies still profited handsomely they just had the proper intention; clients can see and feel that.

3-Cheating doesn’t work. Celebrities, corporate mucky mucks, athletes and small business owners alike provided the press with great headline material because of unethical or immoral ploys that were revealed. We as clients and consumers just want someone we can trust and that is accountable to what they say. Simple right? I always thought so.

4-People love simple.  A focus that is a foot wide and a mile deep makes sense. (The most difficult for us ADD type A folks) Companies that provided a simple step by step solution to a narrow but significant problem won. My business reflects that as well. In 2009 the most sought after products and services were my most basic.

5-The best gold and diamonds are deep and take work to get to. By focusing on your current client base, developing a great back-end strategy, then over delivering you can strengthen your relationships. Relationships make the difference between a client and a rabid fan.

So, with that reflection let’s take a peak at 3 things you business must have for growth next year. 2010 is gonna ROCK!

1-Focus on relationships. You have heard me say it a million times that people buy from people they Know-Like-and Trust. I can’t take credit for coming up with that, it is in every marketing book I have read.  So our task is to stand out from the crowd by connecting with the challenges our client have and delivering a solution that is easy to understand and implement.

2-Multiple streams of income. We need to be especially diligent in putting together multiple streams of income moving forward. Just as it prudent to diversify on the investment side, I think it is even more important to develop those other income streams. Be creative and figure out ways to tap into your current knowledge base and develop income outside of where your current paycheck comes from. (We have a few good ideas we will share in 2010)

3-Develop your referral or affiliate program. Many times business owners don’t take the time to strategically implement this programming. Done properly you can utilize an affiliate program to take some of the marketing pressure off of you. Having some others to work with makes a more fun and prosperous environment and will allow you to focus on how to serve and support your primary customers even more.

Implementation of these key elements in 2010 will have a positive effect on your mental well being as well as you balance sheet! til next time. Live, love and laugh. Tim

Digital Painting Master Darrell Chitty Webinar

Free Webinar with Master Digital Painter Darrell Chitty

Digital painting techniques revealed. Would you like to expand the products and services you promote to your clients?

Guest expert Darrell Chitty is going to teach us some techniques for painting like the Old Masters.
We’ll be meeting Tuesday night, December 29th at 8 p.m. Central for the webinar.

This is your opportunity to learn live from Darrell.

You will learn the styles of 3 Masters; Rembrandt, Monet and Turner.
Learn what the differences are in style and how to duplicate those style differences in your own paintings.

Discover how to create an eye-catching digital painting that demands attention…

Review how to utilize Darrell’s workflow so you can create faster and with less stress, even if you’re not an experienced digital artist.

To participate in this call, join us at 8 p.m. Central. You can pickup access to this NO COST webinar by clicking on the link below. There are only 50 seats. Please don’t register unless you have sincere interest and will be there.

Here is some of Darrell’s work

Darrell Chitty Digital Painting Master

Darrell Chitty Digital Painting Master

Artist Darrell Chitty's Rhapsody in Pink

Artist Darrell Chitty's Rhapsody in Pink


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