12 Sites For FREE High Resolution Photos

Digital Painting Base: 12 Sites For FREE High Resolution Photos

I have friends that make their living as stock photographers so I am sure I will take some heat for this post. As I look at it this is 12 reasons not to be a stock photographer. In the 80’s I sold a lot of stock, it was difficult then to try to stand out from the crowd, now it is virtually impossible.

Like many things in our new digital age much splintering in the market place has occurred so a laser focus in a specialty area is about the only way to survive. There are literally 100’s of thousands of very gifted photographers out there and only a handful are making a living selling stock imagery. The following list is small as there are well over 100 sites that have high resolution photos for free or for very small fees.

The few sites listed are a combination of free and royalty free. Those terms are not interchangeable. Royalty free images may cost money but only once, you don’t need to pay a royalty each time the image is used. Free is no cost. Some images are in the public domain and some are under the creative commons license.

Be sure to check out the terms of use at each of these locations. Click on the text underneath or beside the company logos.

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Free high resolution travel photos








  1. Thanks for providing us a good source of high resolution images. But I see that the website http://highresolutionimages.info is not included on your post. This website also provide good and high quality images that can be used by anyone on whatever purposes that they want.

  2. Thanks for these Links.It’s help me greatly.

  3. you can also add kozzi.com to the 12 list of sites where to find the high resolution photos.

  4. i am intereseted to watch ur images because proffesionaly iam photo desiner in india and iam an owner of digital color lab in india named vajra digital color lab

  5. Cris DeRaud says:

    A good alternative to sxc is http://www.rgbstock.com/

  6. http://www.rgbstock.com seems to be a ggreat place for free stock photos. Thanks Cris DeRaud.

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