12 Days of Christmas-Overview

We love publishing this Magazine and we love creating classes at Digital Art Academy. Thank-you so much for being a part of our family.

Below are the gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas.

Click Here for Day ONE Gifts

If you need the pass word sign up for the complimentary 12 Days of Christmas gifts at:


After you sign up an email will come to you with a gift each day. The email will give you the password to a secured blog post or page.


  1. thanks so much, Tim. Hope you and your family enjoy a most joyous Christmas.


  2. Thank you for motivating!

  3. Good Stuff

  4. Thanks so much for everything you teach and share. Greatly appreciated!

  5. Dean Smith says:

    You are doing a wonderful work of teaaching and promoting this exciting new artform. Your efforts are very much appreciated! Thank You!

  6. Thank you so much! Hope you have a marvelous holiday season!!!

  7. Thank you so much, Tim! Many blessings this Christmas and through the new year!

  8. Thank you! Can’t say enough good about you. 🙂

  9. Thank you Tim. This is really great!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family … and have a Happy “painterly” New Year!!

  10. Tim, Thank you for providing all the 12 days Gifts and all the other things you have done this year, and all you have done for each of us. You are very considerate, and amazingly creative when it comes to artistic education (and art).

  11. Deb DesMarteau says:

    The link takes me directly to the meeting room – asks me to wait (ha-ha). Will you be sending a link to those of us who have signed up? Thanks!

    • Hi Deb! That is the link you will go to when the meeting is live. Only the people who have signed up for it will have it. Using Adobe Connect Pro is different than Go To Webinar. We dont have the opportunity to have people sign into a room until it is live. Actually you do but it is another 5,000 for that module. So keep the email hand. I will also attempt to send out a reminder. -T

  12. I really love your Paint Magazine … thank you for the free service .. enjoy the Festive Season.

  13. hi Tim … first of all, i never had a chance to thank you for your wonderful job of in this magazine, so… thank you, second thing; as I’m living in morocco I missed all the webinars cause of the timing difference between usa morocco, 3rd; last thing; I never saw someone who is dedicated for serving digital arts like you, merry X-mas, happy new year; god bless you

  14. pam lefcourt says:

    Thanks so much Tim! Happy holidays to you and your family and everyone at DAA!

  15. Lynda Miller says:

    Thank you for your commitment to the digital community and us who are learning from your resources. The magazine is full of useful info and ideas and I am working on the assignments from the course I enrolled in. Happy holidays and all the best for another fabulous year.

  16. Daniel Majul says:

    Thank you so much Tim! I appreciate a lot your efforts to share art knowledge with us!
    Merry Christmas with my best wishes for You and family, and a Happy and very successful 2011!

  17. Barb Wolson says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful information. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a Happy 2011

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