12 Days of Christmas: Day EIGHT

12 Days of Christmas: Day EIGHT

On the 8th day of Christmas my good friends gave to me:

8 Digital Art book titles

The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book: Creative Techniques in Digital Painting by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

The Art of Digital Photo Painting: Using Popular Software to Create Masterpieces (A Lark Photography Book) by Marilyn Sholin

Advanced Painter Techniques by Don Seegmiller

Beyond Digital Photography: Transforming Photos into Fine Art with Photoshop and Painter by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis and Donal Jolley

Painter 11 Creativity: Digital Artist’s Handbook by Jeremy Sutton

Painter 11 for Photographers: Creating painterly images step by step by Martin Addison

Digital Painting in Photoshop by Susan Ruddick Bloom

Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities by Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch

Seven Digital Painting Forums








6 Santa artists







5 is missing from the database?

Four pattern textures

Texture one…….texture two…….texture three…….texture four

Three Trader Cards

Template one……………Template two…………….template three

Two Ebooks Book One-As A ManThinketh …………Book Two-Acres of Diamonds

………and a complimentary webinar view

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  1. Those are great books that enable the reader to learn a hard program.

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