12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

On the 6th day of Christmas my good friends gave to me:

6 Santa artists







5 is missing from the database?

Four pattern textures

Texture one…….texture two…….texture three…….texture four

Three Trader Cards

Template one……………Template two…………….template three

Two Ebooks Book One-As A ManThinketh …………Book Two-Acres of Diamonds

………and a complimentary webinar view

I hope you enjoy these! Thank-you for those that have left comments. If you have not left a Face Book Comment and want to help us out go to the page you signed up and leave a like and a comment. It will post the comment on FaceBook from there. Go to: http://www.timoneillblog.com/digitalpaintmagazine/12Days2010/begin.html

For your convenience.

Day One: http://www.digitalpaintmagazine.com/blog/977/12-days-of-christmas-day-one/
pass: 2010day1

Day Two: http://www.digitalpaintmagazine.com/blog/1008/12-days-of-christmas-day-two/
pass: twobooks

Day Three: http://www.digitalpaintmagazine.com/blog/1024/12-days-of-christmas-day-three/

pass: tradercards3

Day Four: http://www.digitalpaintmagazine.com/blog/1041/12-days-of-christmas-day-four

pass: day4

Day Five: corrupt and missing

Day Six: http://www.digitalpaintmagazine.com/blog/1057/12-days-of-christmas-day-6


  1. John Stevenson says:

    Maybe we in the gift receiving cloud can re-create Day 5. The blog links I knew or clicked were:
    thanks again for your generosity and seasonal good spirit,
    p.s. maybe it was “seasonal good spirit” which afflicted the database!

    • Hi John,

      Thanks! I believe I have all of the links in a file. I am just so covered up I cant get to it. Hopefully in a few days, it will be slower. -T

  2. Lynn Myers says:

    These sites are great, Thanks, Tim.

  3. mellbourne says:

    Dear Tim

    A big thenkyou for spending time on preparing these webanirs for our enjoyment this is much appreciated
    plus a big thankyou to all have done these amazing pieces of work and we hope in the near future that we see more.Then perhaps those of us who are not as blessed with the skills of some of your artists can look and see that this can be done but it takes time and paintence
    which these days with pressure of work and the like is missing in our lives

    Do have a good Christmas and an even better new year

  4. Daniel Majul says:

    Thanks a lot Tim! I sent you the lost list of day five by mail, cause I couldnĀ“t post it here…
    Merry Xmas!!!

  5. Angela Howington says:

    Hey John,

    What was day 5. It just states corrupt file. Can you send me the link, please?

    Thanks for all the great gifts.

    Merry Christmas.

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