Three New Digital Art Webinars

We have three new webinars from prominent digital artists. The first is next week with Marco Bucci, the in September we have Nathan Smith and finally in October we have Heather Michelle. You can purchase the webinars seperately for 47$ or buy all three for $99 dollars. Check out the information on them at: … [Continue Reading]

June 2013 Issue Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the June 2013 issue! Have fun reading! Grab your own copy now! … [Continue Reading]

July 2011 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Following is the July Issue of Digital Paint Magazine. ENJOY!   Open publication If you enjoyed this publication please take a second or two to like it, comment or click on your favorite site below to bookmark it. Thank-you! … [Continue Reading]

Latest News

Digital Painting Techniques: Traditional Media Embellishment

Digital Painting Techniques: Traditional Media Embellishment Workshop Discover how to embellish your digital fine art paintings with Traditional Media. Join us in North Platte! Friday September 10 and … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Digital Painting Techniques

Betty asks…Help! Digital Painting in Photoshop CS4?Hi, I really want to paint, but I always quickly lose my motivation after I finish my sketch; also, all the ideas that I have. I want to find a good … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Selling Digital Paintings

Joseph asks… Is there any site in which I can sell my digital paintings and flash animations.? Timo answers: Try or,devent art has an option to sell … [Continue Reading]

Photo to Art Paint Like the Old Masters with Odwin Rensen

Photo to Art Paint Like the Old Masters with Odwin Rensen If you are looking for information on converting Photo to Art, this is one webinar that you should not miss. We had an AWESOME webinar with Odwin … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About High Resolution Paintings

Maria asks…Website where I can find paintings of Rothko, Turner etc in high resolution?Hi recently i became interested in such artists as Turner, Rothko etc, but i cant find any websites with their paintings in … [Continue Reading]

Digital Paint Magazine Contributor Ann Roberts

Ann Roberts Ann generously provides her time with some writing, editing and proofreading. Ann L. Roberts I was born in a small country community in Yazoo County, MS a long time ago.  I finished high … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Mixed Media Portraits

Sandy asks… Some airbrush painting advice/help?Im hosting an art show in like 4 to 5 months time and its more like a mixed media kind of show with all sorts paintings, pictures, pottery. Anyway im new … [Continue Reading]

Gallery Wrap your Fine-Art

I just put together a short post at Art Marketing Buzz about gallery wraps. You can read the article at Art Marketing Buzz. The video I have here is the same. You can see how quick and easy this is. They … [Continue Reading]

Attitude of Gratitude

Horse Poo and an Attitude of Gratitude Oh yea! Here comes another, "be thankful for living" article. Hold on this is cool.  What if we could hold on to the flavor of our attitude during the holiday season … [Continue Reading]

Talented Digital Artist Karen Bonaker and Tim Shelbourne to Collaborate With DPM

Top Digital Art Talent to Collaborate with Digital Paint Magazine Who hoo! How is this for some great news? Along with the changes in design and direction we will have more people bringing you more great … [Continue Reading]