Three New Digital Art Webinars

We have three new webinars from prominent digital artists. The first is next week with Marco Bucci, the in September we have Nathan Smith and finally in October we have Heather Michelle. You can purchase the webinars seperately for 47$ or buy all three for $99 dollars. Check out the information on them at: … [Continue Reading]

June 2013 Issue Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the June 2013 issue! Have fun reading! Grab your own copy now! … [Continue Reading]

July 2011 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Following is the July Issue of Digital Paint Magazine. ENJOY!   Open publication If you enjoyed this publication please take a second or two to like it, comment or click on your favorite site below to bookmark it. Thank-you! … [Continue Reading]

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12 Days of Christmas: Day EIGHT

12 Days of Christmas: Day EIGHT On the 8th day of Christmas my good friends gave to me: 8 Digital Art book titles The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book: Creative Techniques in Digital Painting by … [Continue Reading]

Digital Painting SEO Tips for Artists Three-Keywords

Digital Painting SEO tips-Keywords part one We are going to take a quick peek at keywords.  First, what are keywords? Keywords are the words or phrases that a potential client types in the search engine to … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Corel Painter 12

David asks…Corel Painter?Is this software all that it says it is? Does it do a good job? Is the WACOM INTUOS3 9 X 12 GRAPHIC TABLET a good buy? ThanksTimo answers:Wacom tablets are good products. I have used … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Canvas Paintings For Sale

Donald asks…How much money can canvas paintings sell for? At a garage sale? They are new watercolor, artist unknown.?Oh, sorry, a few are 12x16, and 16x20 sorry, inches they are really good paintings.Timo … [Continue Reading]

Infrared Imaging Webinar!

Infrared Photography Webinar Postponed Until Feb Infrared Photography This webinar introduces you to shooting infrared images using digital and film cameras. Infrared photography is a … [Continue Reading]

Digital Painting With Real Brushes

Digital Painting with Camel Hair Digital painting has always had less of the tactile feel that traditional media. What if you could grab the touch and feel of traditional brushes? Believe it or not there is a … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Digital Painting Classes

Paul asks…What do you call people who like art (drawing, painting, Digital art, ect)?Hey guys, so i was watching this show called. "If you really knew me." and i was just kind of curious. What do you call … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Digital Painting Brushes Photoshop

Carol asks…Photoshop Brush Shape Dynamics?Well, in my photoshop I've been trying to attempt digital painting ect. I find that when I watch tutorials on the web on how to set brush settings and when the person … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Mixed Media Portraits

William asks…self portrait mixed media ideas?i have to do a self portrait for art with a concept. this is my idea... it has to be mixed media … [Continue Reading]

August Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

The August issue of Digital Paint Magazine is released. Clink on the link below for your download. Tips, tricks and tutorials by Odwin Rensen, Mary Mortensen, Barbara Hartsook and others. August Issue … [Continue Reading]