3 new digital art webinars

Three New Digital Art Webinars

We have three new webinars from prominent digital artists. The first is next week with Marco Bucci, the in September we have Nathan Smith and finally in October we have Heather Michelle. You can purchase the webinars seperately for 47$ or buy all three for $99 dollars. Check out the information on them at: http://www.digital-art-summit.com/membership/bucci_webinar_aug2011/ … [Continue Reading]


June 2013 Issue Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the June 2013 issue! Have fun reading! Grab your own copy now! … [Continue Reading]


July 2011 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Following is the July Issue of Digital Paint Magazine. ENJOY!   Open publication If you enjoyed this publication please take a second or two to like it, comment or click on your favorite site below to bookmark it. Thank-you! … [Continue Reading]

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Summer Digital Art Summit

Digital Art Summit is going live next week What the heck is the Digital Art Summit? Great question, a few days ago I was not sure either. Here is the what and why of the summit. I was trying to find ways to … [Continue Reading]

September 2011 Issue of Digital Painting Magazine

In this issue artist Nomi Wagner graces the cover. Nomi was and early adopter to digital painting, an outlier and pioneer. She has a nice tutorial inside as well as in interesting bio. Joan Hamilton outlines … [Continue Reading]

August 2010 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Grab your copy now! … [Continue Reading]

Digital Painting Success in 2010

Digital Painting Success in 2010, 3 Must Have Elements I just got back from Denver. While digital painting was not possible, a nice drive and 4 hours each way was  spent on business reflection and planning for … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Selling Digital Paintings

Joseph asks… Is there any site in which I can sell my digital paintings and flash animations.? Timo answers: Try etsy.com or artfire.com,devent art has an option to sell … [Continue Reading]

Digital Artist Collaboration Video

Digital Artist Collaborate I am not sure where I came across this a few days ago...I think my Google reader revealed it.  I tried to research the background just a bit because I really love this idea. The … [Continue Reading]

2010 December Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

2010 December Issue of DPM Here is the December issue of Digital Paint Magazine. Merry Christmas! Download Digital Painting Instruction Here … [Continue Reading]

June Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the June issue of the magazine. Thank-you again to all of the folks who put this together.   Open publication Grab a copy now! … [Continue Reading]

Protected: Kirk Nelson Webinar Resources

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Your Questions About High Resolution Pictures Of Women

Ken asks…Is it a violation of Sharia Law for high resolution imagery satellites to take pictures of Muslim women?Timo answers:Sharia Law - doesn't "work" in the modern world. It certainly is INCOMPATIBLE with … [Continue Reading]