3 new digital art webinars

Three New Digital Art Webinars

We have three new webinars from prominent digital artists. The first is next week with Marco Bucci, the in September we have Nathan Smith and finally in October we have Heather Michelle. You can purchase the webinars seperately for 47$ or buy all three for $99 dollars. Check out the information on them at: http://www.digital-art-summit.com/membership/bucci_webinar_aug2011/ … [Continue Reading]


June 2013 Issue Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the June 2013 issue! Have fun reading! Grab your own copy now! … [Continue Reading]


July 2011 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Following is the July Issue of Digital Paint Magazine. ENJOY!   Open publication If you enjoyed this publication please take a second or two to like it, comment or click on your favorite site below to bookmark it. Thank-you! … [Continue Reading]

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Your Questions About Corel Painter 12

David asks…Corel Painter?Is this software all that it says it is? Does it do a good job? Is the WACOM INTUOS3 9 X 12 GRAPHIC TABLET a good buy? ThanksTimo answers:Wacom tablets are good products. I have used … [Continue Reading]

Digital Painting Tutorials-March

Digital Painting Tutorials in the March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine. The March issue of the magazine is ready. Digital Painting tutorials by Skip Allen, Barb Hartsook, Kathy Pilgrim and Karen Bonaker are … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Canvas Paintings

Linda asks…Canvas paintings?I just started to do a drawing onto canvas,for painting. The last time I had done a painting on canvas was back in high school (4years ago), just wanted to ask for paintings to … [Continue Reading]

Book Review Cher Threinen-Pendarvis:Beyond Digital Photography

Book Review Cher Threinen-Pendarvis:Beyond Digital Photography I am a geek. As such I love books. My reading habit is non-curable and I peruse books on many subjects, Art and Marketing are my favorite topics … [Continue Reading]

Digital Painting Master Darrell Chitty Webinar

Free Webinar with Master Digital Painter Darrell Chitty Digital painting techniques revealed. Would you like to expand the products and services you promote to your clients? Guest expert Darrell Chitty is … [Continue Reading]

Digital Painting SEO Tips for Artists Four-Finding Keywords For your Art Business

Digital Painting SEO Keywords part two Finding Keywords for your art business is really not hard now days. It is actually kind of fun. There are many free keyword research tools, here are a few you can use: … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About High Resolution Pictures Of Women

Ken asks…Is it a violation of Sharia Law for high resolution imagery satellites to take pictures of Muslim women?Timo answers:Sharia Law - doesn't "work" in the modern world. It certainly is INCOMPATIBLE with … [Continue Reading]

Digital Painting With Marco Bucci

Digital Painting Webinar With Marco Bucci Digital Painting With Marco Bucci is a two hour webinar recording showcasing a landscape painting tutorial from start to finish. Included with the webinar are 5 of … [Continue Reading]

Creativity Unleashed Gift

Below is the link for a gift. Simply click on the link to download the PDF, it is about 4.5 MB. Mammarazzi's Guide to Creativity_v3   Thank-you for your comments. … [Continue Reading]

Sell More Digital Paintings With This Marketing Secret

How can you sell more digital art? Learn reason your prospects whip out there plastic and BUY NOW! Well we already know that people buy on emotion not logic, at least most people. If you have a prospect that … [Continue Reading]