Three New Digital Art Webinars

We have three new webinars from prominent digital artists. The first is next week with Marco Bucci, the in September we have Nathan Smith and finally in October we have Heather Michelle. You can purchase the webinars seperately for 47$ or buy all three for $99 dollars. Check out the information on them at: … [Continue Reading]

June 2013 Issue Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the June 2013 issue! Have fun reading! Grab your own copy now! … [Continue Reading]

July 2011 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Following is the July Issue of Digital Paint Magazine. ENJOY!   Open publication If you enjoyed this publication please take a second or two to like it, comment or click on your favorite site below to bookmark it. Thank-you! … [Continue Reading]

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Your Questions About Digital Painting Brushes

David asks… What is the best program for digital painting? I know that everyone seems to be using Photoshop, but I keep thinking it only has the tools to edit photos. I want a software I can digitally … [Continue Reading]

Michael Campbell Digital Painting Tutorial

Michael Campbell Digital Painting Tutorial download page This tutorial was published in the October of 2011 issue of Digital Paint Magazine. Download Michaels PDF here Also be sure and check out the … [Continue Reading]

November 2010 Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Grab your copy now! … [Continue Reading]

Demonstration Using Free Art and Painting Software

Digital Art demonstration with free art software We have been going on about SEO and Art marketing stuff for a while now. There is still much to come about keywords, backlinks, site structure and why a CMS … [Continue Reading]

February 2013 Issue Digital Paint Magazine

Here is the February issue! Enjoy reading about the presenting artist in the Digital Art Summit. Download link   … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Hi-res Photos

Laura asks…How do I search for hi res photos at 3500 pixels or greater of a specific subject?Timo answers:Www.Istockphoto.comMark asks…Where can i find some Hi-Res Photos of Lorraine Kelly ?Looking for Hi Res … [Continue Reading]

Digital Paint Magazine on The Ipad

Digital Paint Magazine on The Ipad Friend, techno wizard, master painter and overall great guy, John Derry, shared this image with me a few days ago. It has been hectic in the last few days so I havent had the … [Continue Reading]

Digital Artist Collaboration Video

Digital Artist Collaborate I am not sure where I came across this a few days ago...I think my Google reader revealed it.  I tried to research the background just a bit because I really love this idea. The … [Continue Reading]

Your Questions About Digital Art For Beginners

Sandy asks…Digital Art for beginners???Heyy guys.. I want to make a digital art peice but have no experience with any software .. or anything else related to making art on the computer :( Any thing … [Continue Reading]

May Issue of Digital Paint Magazine:Florals

May Issue of Digital Paint Magazine:Florals in perusing the posts in the blog I noticed the May issue of the magazine was missing. What gives? Good question, maybe the fact that I turned fifty toward the end … [Continue Reading]